ICT Girls: promoting the future of our youngest generation of girls

“You live in a moment of change, which means that, unlike others, you do not need to adapt. That's the good thing about the era in which you live: if you do not have a job that you like, you can invent one. ”

– Fabiola Pérez, Telecommunications Engineer. CEO of the business consultancy Metiora.

In order to acquaint them more with the subject, the young female participants were presented with two workshops: one on cybersecurity, and another in which they were challenged to create an app, on any subject they liked, where they could put the creativity, skills and technological knowledge of the group into practice.

This initiative, which Endesa includes within the framework of the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, whose objectives include the promotion of STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), is part of “International Girls in ITC Day” highlighting our commitment to promoting  equal opportunities between men and women in the field of science and technology, an area where there is no place for gender inequality.