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The awards

María Alés’ brilliant idea, ZeroCap, was awarded with €3,000 and, in addition, the winner will have the opportunity to carry out internships at Endesa whilst receiving academic training on productivity and personal development as part of the BRIDGE programme at the FUE.

Solar Rail, an installation within the guardrails of LED modules that use solar power and batteries for their operation, was a project presented by Miguel Ángel Ferreiro, a student at the University of Seville, who won the second prize of €1,500. The third prize, of €1,000, was won by Fernando Matías, a student at the Industrial Engineering School of the University of Malaga, with his project, Biofy, which aims to convert plastic into fuel. 

According to Francisco Doncel, “in the working world, we need brilliant people, who communicate well, who are capable of transmitting the ideas they have inside their heads”. “Endesa provides us with a great opportunity to meet these guys”, he adds.

Thanks to initiatives such as this, we have the chance to discover ideas such as those of María, Miguel Ángel and Fernando, which inspire us to continue counting on finding the ideas of the future thanks to the young people of today.