ecaR: Discover an emission-free Mallorca

Imágenes de la segunda jornada ecaR

This experience fostered conversations about electric cars, reflected in very positive feedback, as indicated by Mar Villalba, the creator of the tourism blog “I had never driven an electric car, and the first thing that surprised me was how quiet it is, which is ideal when traveling around such gorgeous territory. It’s a very interesting option for trips, especially on an island such as Mallorca, where there are six different recharging points permitting the sufficient autonomy to be able to drive around while enjoying the scenery”.

The route took place aboard the BMW i3, which, as stated by Jonathan Nicholson, a Sales Director at a Palma car dealership, BMW Proa Premium "this is not just an ecological car, but rather, a sustainable car: showing responsibility for the environment is a process which originates with the manufacturing and assembly of vehicles which do not produce emissions”.

“What’s most interesting about the rally is that my mobile phone battery began to shut down before the car’s did, which never ended: we were able to drive all over the island normally. It’s the same experience”

– Rafael de Mestre, creator of the 80 eDays, around the world in an electric vehicle

“Which vehicles have lower emissions, and what does electric mobility contribute to tourism?” These were the questions posed by José Carlos Espeso, Head of Mobility  at Calidad Pascual, to start a conversation on electric vehicle in companies. “Electric mobility guarantees that any salesperson can travel at least 200 km a day, and adapts to the sale of merchandise which reduces the environmental impact of companies, as well as their carbon footprint”.

Fotografías de los expertos en el rally ecaR

“Mallorca’s terrain makes it possible to rapidly test this type of car, to analyse its autonomy, and above all, its efficiency”

– Clio Beruete, journalist and YouTuber

Arancha Pato, Director of the digital automotive portals Auto10 and Motorlife, was one of the experts invited to this event: “Conversations about electric cars are not about the future, but are about a very present reality. Apart from the positive aspects of this type of car, such as silence and ease of driving, it allowed us to drive all over the island without a problem”.

Our commitment to sustainable mobility is not just beyond the scope of the company:  “Endesa’s commitment to electric vehicles is not just external, but also internally for its employees,” as Juan Ignacio Ferrer stated prior to the event.

“This was a very positive experience, as we were able to see different perspectives on the electric car. I highly recommend it to everyone”

– Jesús Fraile, Telecommunications Professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

“Electric mobility is a revolution and technological change which is now a reality; a modern society such as that of Spain’s could be enjoying these cars, but is not doing so as there is little familiarity with it.” Martín Rivas clearly stated the importance of  this type of event introducing the electric car to the population: “We have a responsibility, through initiatives such as the ecaR, to expand and for this to reach everyone so they can familiarise themselves with it and try it”.