“The electricity grid should act as a flexible platform to favour the services of the new prosumers and at the same time to guarantee the quality of supply.”

– Miguel Pardo. Innovation Project Lead at Endesa Distribution.

We lead the Spanish demonstrator 

The SmartNet project is developing three experimental pilot projects in Italy, Denmark and Spain. At Endesa we are leading the Spanish pilot, together with Tecnalia, One and Vodafone, in order to prove that we can act as a small-scale producer- and consumer-aggregating agent.

This pilot test is being carried out in Barcelona, with the booster stations installed throughout the city by Vodafone. The demonstrator consists of the boosters disconnecting themselves from the grid at the request of the distribution company and using their batteries, contributing to the decongestion, when necessary, of Barcelona’s electricity grid and at the same time helping to stabilise the grid at system operator level.

Smartnet attempts to demonstrate the technological capability of cases such as these in Spain, Italy and Denmark, and to create the first models of this future market.

A great European innovation project 

Our participation in the SmartNet project is part of Endesa’s commitment to the research and development of new services in the electricity market. The European SmartNet consortium is formed by a total of 22 companies and institutions from 9 European countries. The project has a budget of 12.6 million euros for a total of three years of research which will conclude in December 2018.