Artificial reefs on the remains of a thermal power station

collage of images from some species of the ocean floor

Circular economy and environmental education

With this initiative, we are striving to encourage marine biodiversity, promote the full recovery of this space, and foster education and raise awareness about the environment. In addition, this project fits within the new production model of the circular economy, whose main pillars are efficiency and optimization of resources in order to be able to restore the environment back to its original state of conservation and to try to improve it as much as possible.

With the creation of these reefs, we are also aiming to promote doing different leisure and environmental education activities among the public in the cities that form part of the Besòs Consortium. Among them, in 2018, we have invited different experts on sustainability and the circular economy to discover the area and discuss sustainability as an engine of change.

This project is one more step in the mission to conserve the natural environment of the spaces in which we carry out our activity. The circular economy shows us the possibilities of a model that can be applied in many environments in order to achieve a more sustainable future.