#eVuelta: 14 stages and around 2,000 emission-free kilometres

“With so many WhatsApp groups, I am sure the car battery will last longer than my phone battery.”

– Flipy, co-pilot during Stage 7 of the #eVuelta in Majorca.

“If all of us drove electric vehicles today, there would be less noise on our roads than on the Roman roads.”

– Alex Clavero, comedian, co-pilot during Stage 12 of the #eVuelta in Mérida.

“Putting petrol in my car was what I hated the most in this world. Now I don’t have to stop, I get home, I plug it in and it charges.”

– Cristina Calvo, Endesa employee, driver during Stage 2 of the #eVuelta in Vitoria.

A party for all the family to celebrate sustainable driving

Endesa organised this #eVuelta with the collaboration of six electric vehicle manufacturers. BMW, Nissan, Kia, Renault, Smart and Volkswagen, providing the six cars used during the tour. All of them have been available to the public that gathered to receive the vehicles in each city and for those who wanted a closer look at them and even test drive one.

At the end of each stage a party was held for everyone to enjoy and to learn about electric mobility through games. Dancefloors that generate energy, virtual reality simulators to feel want it is really like to drive these vehicles and the electric driving game par excellence, the Scalextric, are just a few examples of what people could enjoy during this sustainable driving party.

collage of photos of the final event of the eVuelta in electric vehicle

Aiming towards a more sustainable energy model

This initiative forms part of our commitment to electric mobility as one of the key elements in the transition towards a more sustainable energy model. Apart from promoting and collaborating with innovation projects relating to mobility, we want to contribute towards promoting the advantages of electric vehicles. And we begin at home: thanks to the Electric Mobility Plan for Employees, 274 employees at Endesa have already decided to drive an electric vehicle.


If you want to see more images of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicle, access the online album at https://www.endesa.com/en/press/a201706-album-tour-spain-electric-vehicle.html