Digital lab: the space where you can get to grips with technology

“Digital Lab is an open space: our aim is for people to find out about it, for them to try out what we have here and then participate and contribute new ideas”

– Gustavo Quaranta Prassel, Digital Enabler Manager

Company employees, their co-workers or partners interested in new technologies, can not only see what new devices are available but they can also try them out with their own hands as well as having the opportunity to come up with ideas and find new possibilities.

The space is configured into two areas; one for domestic situations and the other for the office, both are equipped with the latest advanced home automation devices. A set of sensors can be programmed to perform any of the functions we require. With the option of facial recognition, for example, we can adapt our surroundings to our personal tastes: the level or colour of the lighting, the ambient temperature, we could even turn on domestic appliances.

There are also other sensors that are able to let us know when there is a water leak or when smoke is detected and, in addition, send an alert to our mobile phone. Others can inform us if a stranger enters our house while we are out of if they force the lock. 'Smart' plugs tell us when we are using a lot of electricity and which device is using the most, they can even allow us to turn it off from our mobile device.

In the workplace, this space contains technological solutions that encourage collaborative work, such as screens that allow video conferencing while we show real time presentations through smart screens or virtual whiteboards. Or augmented reality glasses that allow you to "enter" a wind turbine or a transformer station.

This initiative is another step forward in the digital transformation that we are engaged in throughout the range of the company's activities. We are convinced that digitalisation is a fundamental tool in achieving the development of a more effective and sustainable business model.

Digital Lab is a move towards intelligent consumption that encourages care for the environment and promotes energy efficiency in different areas. It represents a mutual benefit that we are committed to both within and outside our offices.