“The company intends to plant the seed of the digital world, identifying employees who can play a leading role and who can infect others with this digital curiosity, so that in the near future we have a company which has a much more fluid interaction with this digital world that has come to stay and to transform our reality”

– Enrique de las Morenas, General Manager of Renewable Energies

Alvaro Quiralte, General Manager of Energy Management, and Francesco Amadei, General Manager of Infrastructure and Networks, were also keen not to miss these sessions, and they offered attendees their views on digitalisation and innovation in large companies.  

Starting up the internal machinery

All of the employees got down to work. One group after another began to generate ideas, to work on them and give them shape. With the help of canvas, sketches and mock-ups, each group began to crystallise their innovative idea into a viable project. During the first day, ideas were consolidated and steps were taken in the construction of the project.

Yago Uribe, an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer, offered us a lively and inspirational vision from the point of view of entrepreneurship, which motivated our participants to complete the different challenges.

“In innovation, how do you beat someone who never gives up? Try new things and learn from them. Perseverance always wins.”

– Yago Uribe, an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer.

collage of images about the HackDay event

During the second day, the groups gave the final shape to their projects and also to the presentation to be given before the jury, made up of our managers and directors. The function of the jury was to select those projects that best reflected innovative spirit and the digitalisation of processes. Given the high standard of the projects presented, the selection of the winners in each category was far from easy.

The winning projects from HackDay 2017 are as follows:

Winner of the category New services and business models:

“Energy Everywhere. An app which includes a contract which can then be applied when recharging”.

Winner of the category Solutions for employees:

“An app repository for the recording of different process know-how with the aim of sharing this with employees around the world.”

Winner of the category Facilitating the day-to-day experience of the consumers:

“Kwhallet. Collection of generated energy for self-consumption and the obtaining of redeemable points.”