“People like to get into electric vehicles; passengers tell me that they are delighted to be in such a quiet car and to know that they are not creating any pollution.”

– José Luis Rodríguez, a driver of a 100% electric vehicle

As the first taxi driver to use an electric vehicle, José Luis was one of the participants in the first Sustainable Rally held on the island of Majorca, organised by Endesa to demonstrate that the entire island can be covered efficiently and without emissions in 100% electric vehicles.

The best part about ecaR is that we can enjoy this efficient driving experience if we live in Majorca or if we are simply visiting the island. Because ecaR has also been designed for tourists wanting to experience driving a 100% emission-free vehicle by hiring one from one of the hire car companies that have included them in their fleet of vehicles.

Fast charging available for everyone

The ecaR project is based on a network of 6 fast charging points where we can charge our car battery in under 30 minutes. And any type of vehicle can be used, regardless of the model or the manufacturer. Because all these points are equipped with the three types of connectors currently available on the market. Furthermore, the energy provided by these 6 charging points is 100% renewable.

The ecaR free application, available for iOS and Android, enables drivers to plan their journeys with their electric vehicles. In addition, thanks to the new mobile payment feature, enabling users to pay with credit or debit cards (Visa y MasterCard), all users can charge their electric vehicles even if they are not members of the ecaR club. With the ecaR app, users can reserve the charging point, receive their bill for the service immediately and control their expenses with their charging ticket records.


“Another advantage of the ecaR is the reliability and peace of mind of knowing that a large company like Endesa has committed to sustainable mobility”

– Ricard PuigGros, ecaR user

Peace of mind and not worrying about distances. This project, co-financed with ERDF funds began with this philosophy. Because if there is one thing that concerns users when thinking about using a 100% electric vehicle, it is the peace of mind of having sufficient autonomy.

At Endesa we are working towards informing the general public about the advantages of electric mobility, while also improving the infrastructures and technology that make this possible. With ecaR we want to demonstrate that sustainable mobility is feasible. Majorca is now a real example of this.