Furthermore, we are working with the organisers behind the Museum Day and the Museum Night that took place in May to put visitors to the Thyssen Museum at the centre stage of great works of art and become another character in their favourite paintings through an interactive exhibit.

Virtual reality and art went hand-in-hand at the International Museum Day and Night in 2018 at a immersive event, where visitors had the opportunity to enter various pieces in the Thyssen Museum’s collection, such as the fields of Auvers as painted by Van Gogh. The event has also been replicated in Seville and will move to other locations in Spain over the course of the year.

Endesa also supports large exhibitions, such as the Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya, based on Picasso’s connection with Romanesque art.

Contributing to the dissemination of culture means using and sharing the advantages of everything that makes us better people.