“We want to offer employees the chance to help those who are less fortunate through an initiative related to our area of activity, which is energy”

– Inmaculada Fiteni, Head of Sustainability Projects at Endesa

Our volunteer work involves, on the one hand, giving advice to families with regard to optimising their electricity bills, and reducing their energy consumption, and, on the other, identifying electrical hazards in their home, which will subsequently be rectified by qualified technicians. In the future we also want to work on a more comprehensive renewal of electrical installations in households, in collaboration with other companies that will donate the materials.

The project commenced in Zaragoza at the close of 2015, and subsequently it was also implemented in Barcelona. The results of this first stage were excellent; thanks to our advice on how to save on the bills, and the energy efficiency measures applied, an average saving of 36% was achieved in the homes where the volunteers operated. 

After the success of the first edition, at Endesa and at the Endesa Foundation we set ourselves the goal of gradually achieving nationwide coverage for the project. Currently, three new territories have been included: Seville, Candelaria (Tenerife) and Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura). ECODES takes part in the initiative as the principal NGO and coordinates other local NGOs in the execution of the programme.

To increase the number of beneficiaries, we organise training workshops with the participation of the volunteers, the families directly involved in the programme and others who may also benefit from the training activities. All in all, we hope to help over 1,100 people during 2017, thanks to the cooperation of approximately 108 volunteers.

“When you are able to help these families that have so many difficulties, they welcome you into their homes and this fills you with satisfaction”

– Mariano Rivero, volunteer in Zaragoza