“Very often companies are not aware of the fact that they can obtain information about their savings by carrying out an energy analysis and thus convert these into cost reductions, by identifying areas in which improvement measures can be implemented”

– Remigio Abad, Enterprise Marketing Manager Endesa

It is clear that responsible energy use within a company has a direct and positive impact on its growth, development and competitiveness.

Via the website www.diagnosticoenergeticoendesa.com companies can request an energy consumption and behaviour analysis to identify areas of improvement and save money on their bills. It also offers services such as the energy management service (SGE), offering the availability of a team of experts to monitor the company's energy consumption all year round. Once the information is obtained, it is analysed and an in-depth report is provided. Endesa therefore offers the solutions required in order to optimise consumption and improve the competitiveness of businesses.

Some of the easiest ways of saving energy are:

  • Adjusting the contracted power.
  • Adjusting the tariff to work habits.
  • Eliminating hidden costs.
  • Detecting unusual consumption.
  • Implementing energy efficiency practices and raising awareness among employees.
  • Designing efficiency plans


We are engaged to small and medium sized enterprises and we therefore want to help them grow. This is why we take part in the venture Promoting SMEs, which, among others, promotes meetings between companies to share experiences, trends and knowledge.

Furthermore, we reward the most efficient behaviours. We are talking about the Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Award, that we grant to companies that have made a firm commitment to applying energy efficiency measures in their infrastructures. The company in Vizcaya, Negarra SA, received this sustainability award in March 2015, and the company in Castilla Leon, Aralia Servicios Sociosanitarios, received the award in May 2016.