Brown bear conservation and rural development

The joint work project specifies different actions:

  • Sustainable development projects promoted by the FOP in the seven regions where bears potentially live: Galicia, Asturias, Castilla y León, Cantabria, Aragón, Catalonia and Navarre.
  • The environmental education programme in Bierzo and Laciana (León), targeting nursery, primary and secondary school students from towns in the main bear areas in the western Leon region to encourage the support and social participation required to conserve the brown bear. 
  • Measures to limit the environmental impact of our infrastructures on the bear populations. The FOP technical team advised our technicians on how to tackle with certain improvements in the hydroelectric canals, such as covering sections, opening up and conditioning animal crossings to encourage brown bears and other large mammals moving around.


Among other improvements, previous joint work projects have included building a bear-focussed visitor's centre in the Somiedo natural park in Asturias.

We will not know the definitive scope of these measures until they are specified in a future technical report on the permeabilization 

of Endesa's hydroelectric canals. The measures will also help towards the “Bear Corridors” LIFE+ project, begun in 2013.

  • Sharing the experience built up on the permeability of infrastructures and the improvement of  the environmental quality through publications and informational events to help spread any news of interest about managing and preserving the species and its habitat.


At Endesa, we are also helping to implement the PirosLIFE Project, to plant and improve vegetation for the brown bear in specific areas of the Pyrenees in Lleida. The monitoring of the bear population in the Pyrenees will be carried out as well and training sessions for employees will be organised at the Pont de Suert hydraulic centre, based in the area where the project is taking place.