Endesa, main backer for Spanish basketball

Endesa and the ACB: a historic partnership in Spanish basketball

In July 2011, we reached an agreement with the Asociación de Clubes de Baloncesto (ACB, the Spanish Basketball Association) whereby Endesa became the sponsor of all the official competitions organised by the ACB starting from the 2011-2012 season.

This project constitutes the most important business agreement in the history of Spanish and European basketball. After six years of sponsorship, both entities reunited in 2017 to renew their agreement through the 2020-2021 season.

As a result of this strategic alliance, the ACB competition has been named after us. We were the first commercial brand to achieve this in nearly three decades of the history of the Spanish Basketball Association. Liga ACB is now called Liga Endesa, just as the inaugural tournament each season, the Supercopa, is now called Supercopa Endesa.

Presentation of the Endesa League

One of our greatest joys provided by this commitment to basketball is being able to organise and enjoy the presentations of different seasons of Liga Endesa. The event that is a true spectacle, in which players and coaches are the main protagonists, and it frequently takes place in Endesa’s headquarters in Madrid.

Endesa and the FEB

We became a member of the FEB (Spanish Basketball Federation) and the Spanish National Basketball Team in June 2012, and have actively participated in numerous projects since then. The most recent, the World Cup 2019, where we support our team which finally won the Cup.

In 2015, we renewed this agreement and we gave our support to the Universo Mujer programme, which promotes women's basketball in Spain. In 2018, we became the event sponsor of the Women’s Basketball World Cup to expand our commitment to the energy of the women’s national team and women’s basketball. In addition, we also organised a farewell event at our headquarters for the Spanish team before leaving for the World Cup in Tenerife, to inspire them with “A Shared Dream”—the official song of the Women’s National Team and the slogan in their fight for victory.

With this collaboration, we also contributed to developing the basketball base, especially promoting projects held in schools.

Endesa and the NBA

Since July 2017, we have been the NBA’s official energy partner in Spain. The objective of this agreement is to join forces to promote basketball throughout the country.

This collaboration includes the dissemination of customised digital content through social media and platforms dedicated to the league in Spain, promotions on tickets for NBA games in the United States and future games in Europe and the collaboration with the NBA in sponsoring events for supporting Spanish basketball.

One platform created to promote basketball — and more specifically, the NBA in Spain — is NBA Basket Lover. It is the first native digital programme produced along with NBA Spain at NBA Cafe Barcelona (Las Ramblas 120, Barcelona) as the main space. This 10-minute programme is presented by the journalists Roc Massaguer “Outconsumer” (@Outconsumer), Dani Senabre (@danisenabre) and Jordi de Mas (@demas6Basket).

Basket Lover

We created the Basket Lover concept at Endesa to convey our pledge to basketball and its inherent values, along with our commitment to its followers who find the energy they need to overcome life's obstacles in this sport.

In light of this, we have launched several ventures such as:

  • The Basket Lover competition. This contest, which has been held three times, awards the fans who send the best basketball-related stories. In the latest edition, we created the Basket Lover community on the website www.endesabasketlover.com with all of the information about the new contest, drawings, news, incredible stories and other new features in the world of basketball.
  • Basket Lover Promotions: With the goal of creating a community united under the values of basketball and bringing participants closer to the most important games, periodic promotions are offered to promote all types of tournaments at www.endesabasketlover.com and through Basket Lover social media.
  • Basket Lover Meeting Point: The Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels serve as a meeting point so that basketball lovers can enjoy the most important events of this sport in a community.


We create community

In order to entertain, inform and create a community of basketball fans, we have set up concepts such as "Colgados del aro", a basketball-related content generator aimed at all kinds of fans, published on Experience Endesa TV's YouTube channel.

We are also committed to the promotion of youth basketball, supporting the youngest fans by taking part in child and youth tournaments like 'Minicopa Endesa' and 'Endesa's Club Championship'. We also organise the Liga Endesa Campus each year for the children of company employees.