Endesa presents award to the SME, MIXER & PACK, for its energy efficiency measures

Published on Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Endesa has handed the CEPYME award to the company MIXER & PACK in the 'SME Energy Efficiency and Sustainability' category for the energy efficiency measures it has rolled out. The award was presented by Endesa's General Manager of Marketing, Javier Uriarte, during the CEPYME Awards which recognise the efforts of Spanish small and medium enterprises. The ceremony was also attended by Nadia Calviño, Spain’s acting minister for the economy and business.

With extensive experience as perfumes and cosmetics manufacturers for third parties and supplying products in over 120 countries across five continents, MIXER & PACK has positioned itself as a clear leader in the design, development and manufacture of these products globally through a process that has been awarded ISO 50001:2011 international certification for energy saving and sustainability.  The company has focused its strategy on a production model intended to cut its energy demand in order to develop, manufacture and bottle perfumes in a more sustainable manner.

Through the measures rolled out, the company achieved savings of 10,000 euro in 2018 by reducing its energy consumption by 96,398 kWh, which equates to avoiding the emission of 34,679.16 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. The new international certification ensures it has better control over what it releases into the atmosphere, helping reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. This is also increasingly a requirement of the more demanding customers and suppliers around the world.

It is the latest energy efficiency drive by the company, which was acknowledged by Eurochambres in 2017 as a European business success story for its energy efficiency efforts as part of the STEEEP project – a European project aimed at controlling energy costs and using energy in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable way.

Through its involvement in the CEPYME Awards, Endesa wanted to recognise MIXER & PACK's efforts as the best SME for energy efficiency and sustainability as part of its pledge to support its business customers in the area of energy efficiency, energy saving and sustainable development.