Endesa offers electricity and gas at all Correos post offices

Published on Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Endesa and Correos have signed a business agreement that launches a new period of collaboration between the two companies, further complementing previous agreements for the payment and delivery of invoices to the energy company's more than 10 million customers. Thanks to this agreement, the network of 2396 Correos post offices will now offer Endesa electricity and gas services. The energy company can now ensure its reach extends to all municipalities, thus helping to remove barriers for the so-called "depopulated" areas of Spain and allowing citizens to manage their accounts wherever they may live.

For Correos, this agreement is part of its new strategy recently announced by its President, Juan Manuel Serrano, to make available all of the potential offered by the extensive network of Correos post offices, with their complete coverage of the Spanish national territory, as a sales channel for institutions, administrations and companies. It is worth pointing out that Correos post offices received more than 93.5 million visitors in 2018.

Endesa has assessed the potential of aligning itself with Correos to reach new customers and the possibility of these new customers contracting Electricity and Gas services at the recommendation of Correos employees. Javier Uriarte, Endesa's General Manager of Market Iberia, believes that this agreement is another step forward in Endesa's new drive to hold its position as Spain's leading electricity and gas supplier in an increasingly competitive market.

According to Roberto Ducay, Director of Finance and Expansion at Correos, this agreement enables further strengthening of the diversification strategy for products and services launched in 2019, as well as the expansion of channels for relations between Correos and the public.

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