The Endesa Foundation launches the fourth edition of the Educational Eco-innovation Awards for educational institutions throughout Spain

Published on Thursday, 26 September 2019

The Endesa Foundation once again proves its commitment to educating young minds about the environment by launching the fourth edition of the Educational Eco-innovation Awards. These awards—designed in collaboration with the European Foundation Society and Education—seek to contribute to society by fostering interest in the environment and instilling certain values into new generations relating to environmental preservation such as responsibility, commitment and cooperation. Begoña Muñoz de Verger, Project Director of the Endesa Foundation, gave the following statement: "Here at the Endesa Foundation, we see using education as a tool to promote a culture of ecological awareness as an obligation. Since 2015, the number of approved projects has increased by 77%. It gives us great satisfaction to see so much knowledge and interest within the education community in what we consider to be our duty — Environmental Education".

These awards were created in 2016 in response to the gaps in our young people's ecological awareness, as reflected in the "Endesa Foundation Ecobarometer. Ecological Culture and Education" report.

In the 2018/2019 academic year, there was a 77% increase in institute participation compared to the first edition, demonstrating the increasing interest that educational institutions are taking in environmental education. A total of 354 applications were submitted to participate in the Awards and 253 projects were accepted within the three categories: "What is Nature to you?", "My creative solution to an environmental problem" and "How would you improve your environment?"

Participants of the third edition of the Awards focused on topics such as ecological and environmental heritage, conducting studies and conservation proposals for flora and fauna, on the culture of recycling through awareness and responsibility campaigns, and on energy-saving responsibilities through various analyses. The three winning projects came from schools in the Basque Country, Aragon and Galicia, while the four finalists were schools from the Valencian Community, Extremadura, Castile and León, and Andalusia. For further information about the winning projects, click on this link: Winners of the 3rd Edition

The awards for each of the three categories consisted of a prize for each finalist, the launching of their project across the country and a grant to continue developing each institute's environmental initiative. A sum of €2000 each was awarded for both the first and second categories, and those in the third category received €4000.

Applications for all three categories will be exclusively registered online by filling in the form available on the website and following the instructions set out in said form and in the legal terms, in which the evaluation criteria and format requirements are duly detailed. The registration period for applications starts on Thursday, 26 September and ends on Friday, 13 December.

About the Endesa Foundation

The Endesa Foundation, under the leadership of Juan Sánchez-Calero, is committed to social development through its educational projects, vocational training, environmental commitment and cultural initiatives.

The Foundation runs educational projects, promoting initiatives aimed at transforming and innovating education at all levels, as well as fostering academic excellence in universities through scholarships, grants and academic chairs.

It also promotes training projects for employment, with a focus on promoting the talent of people at risk of social exclusion, low-income young entrepreneurs and professionals over the age of 50.

The Foundation also runs environmental projects linked to education on ecological culture and projects to improve the natural environment and industrial use.

Last but by no means least, the Foundation continues to work on shining light on Spain's historical-artistic heritage and the promotion, restoration and conservation of national art and culture.

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About European Foundation Society and Education

The European Foundation Society and Education is a private-sector independent body that promotes research and debate on the many aspects that shape the strategic role of education as a keystone in the progress and development of democratic societies.

Through its research department, the Educational and Social Studies Institute promotes studies, debate and analysis of the latest educational developments, which are addressed from an interdisciplinary nature. It also boasts a line of work dedicated to promoting environmental education.