Six students win the Iluminamos Talento (we shine a light on talent) awards of the American Dream Programme Endesa Foundation

Published on Thursday, 27 June 2019

The Endesa Foundation and W2A Management, with the support of Lenovo, have presented the We Shine a Light on Talent Awards to the 6 winners of the American Dream Programme, which aims to bring the North American university model closer to all 4th year secondary and 1st year A level students throughout Spain. The six winners were chosen from 2500 participants from over 200 schools and are divided into two categories: 3 in the academic mode and 3 in the sports mode.

The 30 finalists took part in a competition held on Saturday 22 June at Endesa's Madrid headquarters, and the W2A Management team picked the 6 winners after evaluating each profile competitively by means of different tests: teamwork, leadership, working under pressure, creativity, public speaking capacity, among others.

The Endesa Foundation We Shine a Light on Talent Awards is a free admission and scholarship management process at a United States university to study a university degree there. They have partnered with 200 schools throughout Spain to familiarise the 2500 Programme participants with their real possibilities of studying in the USA, requirements, specific examples of universities that fit their profile, etc.

"It's a dream come true", says Marta Gil Cedó, winner of American Dream 2019," to know that in a few months we will begin the process of gaining admission to a University in the United States, and in less than two years I will be studying there… It's exciting."

"In addition to giving the personalised report to the 2500 participants, we picked the 30 best profiles from all over Spain," says Sally Djabo, director of W2A Management. "Of these 30 students, we selected the top 6 based on college entrance requirements in the United States," she says.

The Director General of Fundación Endesa, Carlos Gómez-Múgica, added: "We are helping our young people broaden their horizons and seek out new goals, because they have the necessary talent and we need them in the future. That is our mission at Fundación Endesa, to shine a light on people's talent to create a society with more opportunities."

"We are clear that young people are our present, but above all our future," says Javier Martin Barreales, Lenovo's Educational Manager. "They come with new ideas, strength and a drive that will make the world better each year. That is why Lenovo, together with American Dream, is committed to young people: because we want to be present in their personal development, accompanying them in one of the most important stages of their life: training," Javier emphasises.

Award winners

Laura Gómez-Salas de la Cuesta - Academic Winner


This young enthusiast from Colegio Valdefuentes is a magnificent 4th year secondary student, winner of engineering awards and a student representative in her centre. In her spare time, she also likes to swim and volunteer. Clear winner of the American Dream programme thanks to her creativity and teamwork.

Julián Ismael Fernández Barcellona - Academic Winner


Julián, in addition to speaking 4 languages, an excellent 4th year secondary student at Colegio Alarcón, and with extensive experience exhibiting at conferences and in the media, has just founded his own picosatellite and aerospace systems company. Clear winner of the American Dream programme thanks to his analysis and communication capability.

Patricia Sánchez Concejo - Academic Winner


Her hobby: creating robots. She is currently developing a Wireless robotic arm. Patricia, in addition to taking a major interest in helping society with various volunteering schemes, is a superb 4th year secondary student at Colegio Parque. Her leadership capacity has been instrumental in being a winner of the American Dream Programme.

Jenaro Galán Prieto - Athlete Winner


A basketball player who has won national quarry competitions, this young sportsman at Colegio San Patricio also stands out for having scored one of the best marks on the American Dream SAT test. All this adds up to achieve his dream of playing basketball and studying in the USA.

Marta Gil Cedó - Athlete Winner


Originally from the 1st year A level Col-legi Virolai school in Barcelona, Marta is a wonderful sportswoman who is already in the national elite in the gymnastics modality of Esplugues Les Morere Gymnastics Club, having obtained several national medals in different categories.

Joseba Garmendia Mendiola - Athlete Winner


This young Basque student at La Salle Berrozpe Ikastetxea in the 4th year of obligatory secondary education, besides being a student with very good grades, dreams of studying engineering in the USA as he combines his studies with Golf, a sport where he has stood out from a very young age by winning national medals.