More than 1 million people benefitted from Endesa Social Projects in 2018

Published on Friday, 7 June 2019

In 2018, a total of 1,148,888 people benefitted from the 163 social projects implemented by Endesa, in collaboration with more than 1600 public and private entities, which means 20% more beneficiaries than last year. The company has invested €11.3 million in the communities in which it operates (1.5% more), of which €2.4 million were distributed through the Endesa Foundation, €4.2 million through transversal areas and the company’s territorial centres and €4.7 million through the company's different business lines.

Endesa sustainability projects in a social setting are initiatives boosted, supported, managed or subsidised by the company voluntarily, which generate added value in society, over and above the company’s activity. These are classified into 4 major areas: Access to energy, socio-economic development in communities, Education and Support to communities. The first three are aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4, 7 and 8 because the company has a public undertaking to contribute to these, in addition to these being the policy topics required by its interest groups.

Notable examples of initiatives are the Voluntariado Energético (Energy Volunteering) carried out by Endesa and the Endesa Foundation in 14 Spanish cities in collaboration with the Ecology and Development Foundation (Ecodes). This initiative provides recommendations to families in a vulnerable situation, to help optimise their electricity bill and reduce their energy consumption, which includes distributing efficiency kits for DIY; it also identifies risk in the electrical facilities in the most vulnerable households, and has the situation remedied by certified engineers. In 2018, the third year in which the programme has run, it has benefitted 2410 families at risk of social exclusion.

Also of particular note among the 163 projects managed are training days for technicians from social services and third-sector entities on efficient energy consumption and invoice optimisation habits: the program Capacítate Empleo (Train yourself for work), in Candelaria to raise the employability of the long-term unemployed; the SAVIA project managed by the Endesa Foundation in collaboration with the Máshumano Foundation, set up to help over 1 million unemployed people aged over 50 in Spain; or the transfer of use of assets and facilities belonging to the company to Town Councils and other institutions, to bolster the socio-economic development of local communities, encourage tourism in the area and boost the local economy by attracting visitors and tourists.

Endesa’s commitment to aiding development of the communities in which it operates is part of the company's Shared Value Creation Policy, which aims to legitimise the business and enhance its sustainability, generating roots in communities and encouraging progress locally. The Shared Value Creation Model is a step forward in the way the Company operates, integrating social aspects into its strategy and operation, throughout the entire business chain, to maximise the value generated for the local community.