Fundación Endesa launches Endesa Educa Digital, an online platform to promote energy saving in the classroom

Published on Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Endesa Educa Digital will transform us into energy watchdogs alongside the "Energy Corps". We must conquer the energy challenges they set for us, which are available for free on the activity's platform. Through fun challenges and scientific missions, this new platform seeks to promote co-operation throughout the entire educational community and invites teachers, who will receive advance training, to encourage their students to get involved, together with their families and students from other schools, in the activities and competitions created by the tool itself. 

Endesa Educa is an initiative from Fundación Endesa, a foundation that, since its creation in 1994, has offered advice and resources in relation to energy education, promoting the efficient and responsible use of electricity, as well as the value of sustainability for a better quality of life.

To this end, it develops free educational activities aimed both at Spain's education centres and the general public in order to raise awareness of the world of energy in its broadest sense, covering topics ranging from energy saving in the home to how power plants operate.

As such, Fundación Endesa encourages promoting awareness in a practical way, i.e. showing students how facilities actually work and the importance of valuing energy and using it responsibly. A total of 52,632 students from all over Spain have benefited in 2018 alone and, what's more, a total of 189 visits were made to Endesa plants over the course of the 2018/2019 academic year, introducing around 5464 students to how they operate.