Javier Beirán, 2019 Endesa Award

Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Iberostar Tenerife basketball player Javier Beirán has been recognised as the winner of the 2019 Endesa Award. The player has received the award from José Bogas, Endesa's Chief Executive Officer, accompanied by Antonio Martín, President of ACB, and Félix Hernández, President of Iberostar Tenerife. The presentation took place at Endesa’s headquarters in Madrid.

Javier Beirán takes the baton from Luka Doncic in the Endesa Award record books. This trophy is intended to highlight and recognise the player in the Liga Endesa who best knows how to take advantage of energy to get the most benefit from it, combining the values of attitude, leadership, efficacy, generosity and commitment.

All of those characteristics are well reflected in Beirán who, at almost 32 years of age, is in one of the sweetest playing moments of his professional career. As the leader of Iberostar Tenerife this season, Javier was the Player of the Week in weeks 9 and 17, as well as the Movistar MVP for the month of November. 

In addition, he is the highest scoring Spanish player in the Liga Endesa (15.7), and is 4th overall in scoring. His attitude and hustle are shown in statistics by being the wing player with the most rebounds (5.2 per game average) and the player with the 4th most minutes played in competition (27:30).

His case earns even more clout when taking into account the serious injury he suffered in the 2016-17 season. In December, in a game against UCAM Murcia, he suffered a partial tear of his ACL, and fought over 291 days to recover until he returned to start the 2017-18 campaign at full steam. "The work paid off; now I’m stronger physically and mentally", ensured the player who has regained his best basketball and was even part of the Final Selection chosen by Scariolo. He was also a key player in qualifying for the 2019 World Cup in China.

The combination of his athletic level and behaviour off the court, his high individual and collective performance, and of course, his spirit to succeed, have made Beirán the winner of the 2019 Endesa Award, with full honours.

Statements from the player

“It is a tremendous joy to receive an award like this for the entire season. Not just for the numbers, which are important, but also for the other part to take into account: the values. I always try to transmit them in my life, both in my personal and athletic life. So receiving an award for both things is doubly satisfying. I’m very happy for that.

“I think that personally, it has been one of the best seasons. I’ve been able to enjoy two long competitions until the final: fighting for the Playoff of the Liga Endesa until the last day, playing in the semifinals of the King’s Cup, a European Final, qualifications for the World Cup in China with the Selection, etc. The team has helped me to earn this award, and I've tried to help them achieve our objectives. Hopefully, we finish the season in the best way possible”.

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