Endesa inaugurates the first quick charge point in a Galp service station

Published on Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Endesa X and Galp have premièred their first “Island of Energy”. This new business line from Endesa offers added-value services and innovative technological solutions in the world of energy. For Galp, it represents the inauguration of the first of five quick-charge points for electric cars in its Spanish network of service stations.

This first recharging infrastructure, which is already operating, is located at the Galp service station on highway N-II, P.K. 29.0, headed toward Madrid, in the municipality of Alcalá de Henares (see location here). The other four will be located in Málaga, Sevilla, Zaragoza and Badajoz.

All of the quick-charge points have a power of 50 kW, which allows charging an electric car in minutes. Specifically, 80% of the battery capacity is recovered within 15 to 20 minutes. Each point also allows recharging both in continuous current (CCS Combo, CHAdeMO) and in alternating current (Mennekes). So, it will also be possible to provide service to all models of electric cars existing in the market.

Using them could not be easier because all recharging points will be connected to Endesa’s digital platform, allowing for the interoperability and remote control of the points. You just need to download the ecaR cell phone application available on iOS and Android, and users will be able to find recharging stations, find out their status and even pay with their credit card without needing to be an Endesa customer. In the future, it will also be possible to use with the Galp platform.

The agreement also forms part of the Public Access Infrastructure Development Plan for Electric Cars that Endesa presented in mid-November—the most ambitious plan to promote electric mobility that has been implemented in our country: 108,000 public and private recharging points for electric cars in the next five years, of which more than 8,500 points will be of public access.

In electric mobility, Galp opened its first quick charge point in 2010. At that time, it became the operator of the first quick charge point in Europe. Galp currently has an ongoing expansion plan that will reinforce coverage on the Iberia Peninsula and the company’s leadership role in this new offer. Following this pioneer logic, in October 2018, Galp became the first operator in Portugal to offer an integrated plan for mobility, with the launch of an integral solution that provides customers with large discounts, solutions and energy services for transport.  


The installation of these five electric car recharging infrastructures within the framework of the CIRVE project was configured by a Spanish consortium to encourage the use of electric cars between Spain, Portugal and France, in a totally interoperable cross-border scene that allows electric car users to drive from Northern Europe to the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to the CIRVE project (Iberian Brokers of Electric Car Quick Charge Infrastructure - CIRVE for its acronym in Spanish), a total of 25 new quick-charge points will be installed in Spain and another 15 points will be adapted that are already operating in certain strategic locations of the Iberian brokers.  The initiative, which started in late 2015, includes a 3.5-million euro investment and an execution period of more than 4 years. Currently, there are already 21 points in operation.

The project is a consortium of the charging managers, IBIL (project leader), EDP, ENDESA, GIC and IBERDROLA as managers of the recharging network, along with the AEDIVE Association and another two international partners: RENAULT and the Centro para la Excelencia e Innovación de Portugal [Portugal Centre for Excellence and Innovation], CEIIA. In addition, it has the support of the Spanish Ministers of Development and Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. The plan is co-financed through the 2015 tender of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

About Endesa

Endesa, which maintains a firm commitment to sustainable development, is very aware of the energy challenges that society is facing and promotes electricity as an energy vector that is capable of reconciling the increasingly demanding environmental and efficiency requirements for citizens’ energy needs.  Electric mobility is fundamental in the energy transition. Endesa’s response to this paradigm shift in the energy sector is “Endesa X”, a new business line with which it wishes to be an active agent in the energy transformation, and with which it aspires to change the rules of the game, leading the change toward electrifying the fleet of vehicles in Spain and democratizing electric mobility.

About Galp

Galp is a public energy company based in Portugal with an international presence. Our activities reach all phases of the value chain in the energy sector, from the exploration for and extraction of petroleum and natural gas from reservoirs located kilometres under the seabed, to the development of efficient and environmentally sustainable energy solutions for our customers—whether they are big industries seeking to increase their competitiveness, or individual consumers looking for the most flexible solutions for their homes and mobility needs. We also contribute to the economic development of the 11 countries in which we operate and to the social progress of the communities that host us. Galp has 6,389 collaborators.

Galp in Spain

Galp has been operating in Spain for over 38 years with an activity centred on the sale of petroleum products and associated services. With approximately 580 service stations and roughly 2,300 collaborators in the country, the company continues expanding its presence in the Spanish market, orienting its business to the satisfaction of the customer’s needs.