Endesa inaugurates its first “gasinera” station in the Region of Murcia

Published on Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Endesa has just inaugurated a new Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG) supply in the town of Molina de Segura. This natural gas station is the first in the Murcia Region and is in the facilities of Campillo Palmera, the main customer of the “gasinera” station and one of the main transport and logistics companies in Spain, with a fleet of over 500 of its own lorries.

The inauguration featured the presence of the President of the Murcia Region, Mr Fernando López Miras, who underscored the “commitment of the regional transport sector to sustainable mobility and respect for the environment”.

Enel X’s Director of Companies and Public Administration, Miguel Barroso added that, “this kind of collaboration reflects how we have to work in increasingly complex settings where corporate interest goes hand-in-hand with a more sustainable society. Vehicular natural gas is the real, efficient and sustainable alternative to conventional mobility for heavy, long-distance transport”.

The new natural gas station, which has a 60m2 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant and two gas pumps, currently provides the supply to the 15 IVECO Stralis NP 460 GNL lorries that Campillo Palmera now owns. However, in coming years, the company is expected to make a significant expansion to its sustainable fleet. With this objective, another two phases of the project are planned: the installation of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pump, and a third phase, with the commissioning of another additional deposit and another LNG pump.

In addition to providing service to the Campillo Palmera lorries, this “gasinera” station will allow refuelling other vehicles powered by VNG, increasing the VNG refuelling network in Spain and contributing to the decarbonisation of the transport system.

Molina de Segura is one of the main operating bases of logistics and transport in Spain, with a ‘transport city’ that features 29 logistics companies and 164 transport companies, in addition to dealerships of the main brands of heavy vehicles.

With this new “gasinera” station, which is now operating and has been supplying the sustainable fleet of Campillo Palmera since November, Endesa continues to expand its network of Vehicular Natural Gas supply stations. It now has 19 of these installations, eleven of them in Spain and eight in France.

Vehicular natural gas is the most efficient and sustainable alternative to conventional mobility for heavy, long-distance transport, among other uses. With the installation of one VNG service station, a company is able to increase its competitiveness, and also enjoy savings from day one. Within the business models that Endesa offers, the customer can install the station without making any investment or taking on any debt.

The use of vehicular natural gas presents a 25% reduction of emissions with respect to traditional combustion engines, a reduction of 85% of NOx, and almost 100% of the suspended particles, a key element in the policy of environmental improvement. In addition, the use of natural gas reduces noise pollution by 50%compared to diesel engines. It also has economic benefits, given that it achieves a 40% saving on fuelcompared to diesel engines.