Endesa extends its partnership with the Spanish Basketball Federation to 2021

Published on Monday, 17 September 2018

Endesa and the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) have renewed their partnership agreement for a further three years, which will see them collaborating under the same basic terms as they have done since 2012.

Both parties consider that announcing the renewal several months before the current agreement expires at the end of this year is a reflection of the excellent results of the two organisations’ six-year partnership. In particular, it is a clear commitment to the women’s national basketball team, which will compete in the World Cup starting in Tenerife on 22 September. Moreover, Endesa recently revealed that it would be an Event Sponsor of this international competition.

The agreement is also a continuation of Endesa’s Universo Mujer Baloncesto: an initiative of exceptional public interest to promote women’s basketball, which is the first of the Universo Mujer programme launched by Spain’s National Sports Council (CSD).

“This renewal is fruit of Endesa’s commitment to the Spanish national basketball teams”, said Endesa Chairman, Borja Prado. “Endesa is more than just a sponsor, it is a partner of the Spanish Basketball Federation. We’ve said this on more than one occasion. Being able to renew this agreement gives me the same level of satisfaction as when a team has worked shoulder to shoulder to successfully complete a project with everyone giving their best. By team work, I mean a lot more than just victories, medals, successes... I am also referring, above all, to the many values that unite the Spanish Basketball Federation and Endesa in our passion for basketball: dedication, commitment and determination in everything we do. Endesa wants to reward the Spanish men’s and women’s basketball teams, the Federation, fans and all the backroom staff by offering its ongoing and undivided backing to a sport which brings so much value, in the widest sense of the word, to this country”.

The Spanish Basketball Federation President, Jorge Garbajosa, meanwhile, stated that the renewal of the agreement “highlights that this is not just a normal sponsor-beneficiary relationship, rather that Endesa and the Spanish Basketball Federation has forged a far more important, deeper and closer relationship. We feel Endesa is part of the basketball family and therefore we can rely on the company’s generous, staunch and unconditional help with our work to raise awareness of and defend basketball and boost its popularity. We enjoy the company’s support for the national teams – which is essential, for example, in the case of the upcoming World Cup, but we also work hand in hand to find, nurture and develop the young talent who will be this sport’s future stars. We would therefore like to thank Endesa on behalf of the entire Spanish basketball community for continuing to be a cornerstone of our continued success and growth”.

Both parties are convinced that this partnership will enable them to contribute further to Spanish basketball achieving its economic, social and sporting goals.