Endesa bids farewell to the Women's National Team with “A Shared Dream”

Published on Monday, 10 September 2018

After the Tournaments in Valencia and Cáceres, the Women’s National Team will leave tomorrow for Tenerife, where it will play the final preparation tournament and then compete in the World Cup, which will be held from 22-30 September in the Canary Islands.

For that reason, this Monday a farewell event was held at Endesa’s headquarters in Madrid attended by the President of the energy company, Borja Prado; the President of FEB, Jorge Garbajosa; and the Sports Director of the Consejo Superior de Deportes, Mariano Soriano.

In addition, surprises like Marta Soto’s live performance singing “A Shared Dream”, the official song of the Women’s National Team, a video of historical players like Wonny Geuer, Mónica Messa, Luci Pascua, Blanca Ares, Charo Borges, Elisa Aguilar and Amaya Valdemoro supporting the team, another with Spanish athletes like Pau Gasol, Carolina Marín, Saúl Cravioto, Lourdes Mohedano, Javier Fernández, Damián Quintero, Ona Carbonell and Lidia Valentín, united in “A Shared Dream”; culminated by a birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of the team’s captain, Laia Palau. All of this was presented at the event by Mago More, and the former player Marta Fernández.

Borja Prado, President of Endesa, welcomed the players and stated that “our company has been involved with basketball for eight years, and it has only given us satisfaction. You have known how to win, but also how to lose occasionally. For us, it would be very exciting to see you take the podium, but in any case, we are sure that your conduct will be exemplary. You are the paradigm of teamwork and commitment”.

Jorge Garbajosa, President of the FEB, also wanted to thank the invitees for their attendance, and guaranteed that “this event is not so much of a farewell, but a gesture of warmth toward the National Team, which has given us so much in recent years. Endesa has allowed us to reach heights that women’s basketball had never achieved, along with the work of many people, including these women who have set the bar very high”.

Mariano Soriano excused the presence of María Jose Rienda due to scheduling conflicts and added that, “we are talking about a sport that has 15% of the total female licenses. It is a fact that does not lie and is based on the example of a team like yours. I don't want you to feel this as us fulfilling a responsibility, but as a boost. I am sure that you’re going to compete at a top level at the World Cup in Tenerife”.

There was also time to talk with the protagonists. Lucas Mondelo lavished praise saying, “it’s a group that has improved year after year. We now have 14 players prepared for everything. We can’t promise a medal, but we will fight for one. We have prepared well and we are even better than we had expected”.

Alba Torrens said that “we hold ourselves accountable and we put that pressure on ourselves to compete and give it our best. We never set winning a medal as an objective, but we do promise to work to compete at our best level”. Marta Xargay pointed out that “we are really excited and can’t wait to start competing”, while Laia Palau confessed that her secret is “to take on life with passion”.