35 endesa volunteers help with the professional integration of 101 socially excluded people

Published on Monday, 27 August 2018

Ever since the “Promoting Talent” project, sponsored by the Integra Foundation in collaboration with Endesa, began in 2016, 101 socially excluded people have received training with the objective of facilitating their incorporation into the professional world and increasing the possibilities they have in terms of participating in a job interview. These workshops have been given by 35 Endesa volunteers in Seville and Madrid.

In this latest edition, 13 female victims of gender violence received this training, thanks to the help from 17 Endesa volunteers. Many of these women lacked previous professional experience. For them, it represents important support in regaining control over their lives. In addition, 37 socially excluded people have received training from 5 corporate volunteers.

Each volunteer gave a two-hour training about content that was very practical in terms of their job search or their first professional steps, such as: “How to Transfer your Professional Experience”, “Personal Finance”, “How to Handle a Job Interview”, “My CV, My Personal Brand”, “My New Job”, “My Rights and Obligations as an Employee”, among others.

From the volunteer’s point of view, as verified by Francisco Javier Velázquez, who formed part of the project, it was a very positive experience and he hopes “to have provided them with some optimism, and that they feel more comfortable with themselves and they trust in their possibilities”. In the opinion of Francisco Javier, HR manager at Endesa, it is essential to convey to them “that we all have skills we can acquire and implement when carrying out a job”. “This experience has taught me a lot and benefited me more than I thought it would. You learn to change your language. Corporate volunteering is something everyone should do. It involves approaching a reality existing in our society”. Contributions from the volunteers provide these women with the strength and tools necessary to feel more secure and succeed in a job interview.

For its part, after the training given by the Endesa volunteers, Integra Foundation monitors and consults each one of the beneficiaries in their job search so that they have the opportunity to implement the knowledge they have acquired. The objective is for them to obtain a job in order to be independent in the future and to separate them from their abuser.


Previous editions

Thanks to this “Promoting Talent” project by Integra Foundation, in collaboration with Endesa, 8 female victims of gender violence were helped with the participation of 9 volunteers in 2016. In 2017, 43 socially excluded people received this training from 4 participating volunteers.