Endesa to invest 59 million euros in Totana to build a solar farm

Published on Friday, 20 July 2018

This project, which will consist of 248,000 solar modules, was presented this week to the Mayor of Totana, Andrés García Cánovas, in addition to the municipality’s most important social players, during a work session between Endesa and Murcia municipal council with the purpose of not only making known the project’s general data but also the accompanying Creation Plan for Shared Value; with a maximum focus on the area’s socio-economic development thanks to various activities.

Specifically, benefits for employability, the environment and infrastructures were presented during the work session. According to data presented by the company, Endesa - by means of its subsidiary Enel Green Power Spain - will encourage hiring of a local workforce and the subcontracting of corporate services in the area. Along these lines Endesa has presented a 120 hour training plan on solar farm knowledge. These courses will enable delving into the renewable sector’s technical aspects, with the aim of improving the employability of its participants in a state of the art sector and with undeniable future growth of the area.

This measure is combined with others related to the environment, such as the energy audit in the Jose Moya Public Day Centre for intellectually disabled people. Along the same lines of action and seeking to minimise the impact during the solar plant building phase which will most likely begin after the summer, various sustainable engineering measures will be carried out which in turn favour use of renewable energies during the building phase and in the future in the municipality. One of these actions foresees the installation of solar panels on the site, to replace the use of electrogenic groups and which after the work will be donated to the municipality so that they can be put to public use. Moreover, the work’s lighting will be efficient and mitigate environmental impacts.

This session comprises the start of a joint work between Endesa and the Town Council during the farm’s building phase, which will continue through the asset’s useful life, once put into operation.

Enel Green Power España

Endesa's aim is to cover 20% of energy consumption with renewable energies by 2020, as specified by the European Union. The building of solar (339 MW) and wind (540 MW) facilities earmarked in the last two auctions, will entail investment over the next few years of more than 800 million Euros. This capacity of an additional 879 MW means increasing the power of the current Endesa renewable energy park by 52.4%. 

Enel Green Power Spain, an Endesa renewable subsidiary, currently manages over 1,806 MW of capacity in Spain, after the recent incorporation of the 5 Gestinver wind parks (132 MW). Of this figure, 1.749 MW comes from wind energy, 43 MW from mini-hydraulic power and 14 MW from other renewable energy sources. EGPE plants generate approximately 4 TWh of emissions-free energy each year.