Endesa Foundation gives RetoTech awards to the most innovative Madrid schools

Published on Monday, 11 June 2018

For the third consecutive year, the Endesa Foundation has organised the Festival RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa, a gathering of more than 1,000 young people from 65 Madrid schools, that participate in RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa; a project of a technological training nature, which has a bearing on the transformation and innovation of education at all levels, both for students as well as for teachers. On the other hand, this year the category of Primary Education has been included, therefore, in this edition, 20 new primary centres, 20 new secondary and 25 secondary in their second participation.

On this occasion, the 3 Festival awards, the Endesa Foundation Award, Endesa Employee Award and the Networks Award have been on applications that show how energy consumption in the power plants and the water in a dam function, and on the other hand, mechanical systems to automate the centres such as harps for the subject of Music, doors or meters for Physical Education.

The winner of the Endesa Foundation Award, chosen by a panel, was the project from the young people of the IES Federico García Lorca. The Chairman of the company and of the Endesa Foundation, Borja Prado, was entrusted with giving the award to the young people and he emphasised their effort, dedication and great creativity.

The “Learning about Energy” project is an educational game with questions that teach the different ways to generate power that currently exist. By means of a world globe, the different power plants that are in Spain are shown in an interactive and fun way.

In turn, the Networks Reward, which awards the project with the most votes on the RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa web page has been for the IES Velázquez. This centre has created a system that enables opening the door of the institute automatically, a laser harp that allows generating a melody cutting a series of laser beams, and finally, a metering system for speed testing in Physical Education testing.

And the Endesa Employee Award, which has been chosen by the company's employees themselves during the festival, has gone to the Colegio Balder with its “Poseidón” project, which deals with a dam that controls the outflow of water to irrigate a garden or to drain a reservoir.

From 9:00 a.m. more than 1,000 children from the 65 Madrid schools were arriving at Endesa's headquarters, which during the workshop had been converted into a meeting place for the promising young people of the future, in which students from public, private and state-funded schools have been presenting brilliant ideas turned into technological projects.  The Festival RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa is a common ground between young people with the same interests, an experience of presenting their projects before the hundreds of invitees present at the festival.

With this educational project, the Endesa Foundation wishes to promote technical knowledge and also contribute to developing skills that are so in demand today, such as teamwork, communication, etc. Unquestionably, the workshop has demonstrated the Endesa Foundation's huge commitment in its initiative for technological innovation in schools.

RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa, which was launched in the month of September with the support of the Madrid Community with the objective of reaching the greatest possible number of beneficiaries, challenged all the Madrid secondary school centres to design their own integrated APPs with robots that solve a social problem and will improve the quality of life of society in some respect.

This year, more than 143 schools were registered to participate in RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa, of which 65 were selected. In this third edition, a total of 4,030 children and 130 teachers have benefited thanks to this educational project. The Endesa Foundation in its commitment to promote educational innovation equipped the schools with a variety of robotic kits and 3D printers.

This project enabled exploring the more scientific-technical side of each school and allowed the teachers to detect the most creative and ingenious skills of the youths, while they were investigating, without realising it, what it is to work as a team, undertake, lead a project, manage time or make decisions.

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