Endesa has identified 29 wind power projects to make up the 540MW contract we won in the may round of tenders

Published on Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Endesa, through its renewable energy division, Enel Green Power España (EGPE), has identified 29 wind power projects likely to go ahead, which represents a capacity to generate 810MW. This is an important milestone in the construction of 540MW capacity – the amount of wind-generated renewable energy for which Endesa won the contract in the second round of tender run by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda last May. Of all the projects identified, we will be pursuing those which are necessary to reach the agreed target figure (540MW), dependent on administrative issues and subject to authorisation.

The projects are located in Aragón, Andalucía, Castilla and León, Castilla La Mancha and Galicia. When they become operational, the new installations will generate approximately 1750GWh per year.

Endesa has also been entrusted with building solar energy 339MW production capacity in the government’s third round of tender, held in July, with the aim being to cater for 20% of energy consumption using renewable energy by 2020, as stipulated by the European Union. The construction of the wind farms (540MW) and solar facilities (339MW), for which Endesa won the contracts in the last two rounds of tender, will require over €800 million of investment over the next few years. That extra 879MW capacity represents a 52.4% increase over Endesa’s current range of renewable energy production facilities.

Enel Green Power España, which is Endesa’s renewables subsidiary, currently manages over 1806MW capacity in Spain, following the recent incorporation of the 5 wind farms run by Gestinver (132MW). Of that 1806MW, 1749MW derives from wind energy, 43MW from minihydraulic power stations, and 14MW from other sources of renewable energy. EGPE’s plants generate around 4TWh of zero-emissions energy each year.