Endesa ranked first among Spanish listed companies for shareholder information

Published on Friday, 1 December 2017

Endesa has obtained the highest score in the Reporta 2017 report prepared by Deva Comunicación since 2010 as a barometer of the quality of information Spanish listed companies provide to their shareholders and stakeholders at ordinary annual general meetings.

The Reporta report, covering 118 businesses this year, assesses companies’ efforts to go above and beyond just complying with their legal reporting requirements. According to the results of the evaluation, Endesa fulfils all four principles analysed: transparency, commitment, relevance and accessibility. Economic, financial and operational reporting, as well as environmental, social and corporate governance information “is comprehensive and allows users to find out about the company’s performance and outlook”.

The information Endesa provides its stakeholders also “covers all aspects of the economic, social and environmental impacts of the company’s activity” and “is presented clearly and in a way that is accessible to all target audiences”. The methodology underpinning the Reporta report is shared and discussed with information users (investors, analysts and the media) and updated annually to incorporate the latest corporate reporting trends and best practices around the world.