Endesa and the NBA in Spain form a partnership to promote basketball

Published on Thursday, 27 July 2017

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Endesa, the leading company within the Spanish electricity sector, announced today their long-term agreement, pursuant to which, Endesa shall become the official energy partner of the NBA in Spain, joining forces to promote basketball nationwide.

Endesa, as the official energy partner of the NBA in Spain, will promote digital contents through platforms dedicated to the league in Spain, it will also manage ticket promotions for the NBA games in the United States and future games in Europe and it will help the NBA to promote basketball by sponsoring events. 

«We are proud to be associated with Endesa, a renowned Spanish company and a leader within the sector», commented Chus Bueno, the NBA’s Vice President of Basketball Business Development for EMEA. «Endesa is synonymous with digital technology and innovation and it is firmly committed to basketball, so we hope to be able to instil these shared values in our followers in Spain».

In turn, Borja Prado, Endesa’s chairman, stated that “the NBA not only represents the best of basketball at a global level, it is also an organisation that is characterised by its innovation capacity and for constantly striving for excellence. It is also home to some of the top Spanish basketball players and is therefore highly popular among Spanish basketball fans, with a massive following Spain. This is why Endesa wants this agreement to contribute towards promoting this sport, with the aim of it reaching everyone and removing barriers. In short, this is further and very significant proof of our commitment to basketball".

At the start of the 2017-18 season, Endesa will develop and promote campaigns integrated with NBA themes that will include advertising, personalised digital content on video and social media activations. The association will also include the promotion of the NBA’s multimedia assets available in Spain, including NBA.es, the league's official online destination in Spain, Facebook (NBASpain), Twitter (@NBASpain) and the NBA application.

About the NBA

The NBA is a global sports and media business built around three professional sports leagues: the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), and the NBA Gatorade League. The league has established a major international presence with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 49 languages, and NBA merchandise for sale in more than 125,000 stores in 100 countries on 6 continents. The NBA rosters at the start of the 2016-17 season featured a record 113 international players from 41 countries and territories. NBA Digital’s assets include NBA TV, NBA.com and the NBA App and NBA LEAGUE PASS. The NBA has created one of the largest social media communities in the world, with more than one billion likes and followers globally across all league, team, and player platforms.  Through NBA Cares, the league addresses important social issues by working with internationally recognized youth-serving organizations that support education, youth and family development, and health-related causes.

Endesa and basketball

In July 2011, Endesa reached an agreement with the Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB), via which the company became the sponsor, from the start of the 2011-2012 season, of all the official competitions organised by the ACB.  

Four years later, this project was extended, representing the most significant business agreement ever reached in the history of Spanish basketball. The agreement currently associates both companies until the end of the 2020-21 season and Endesa has lent its name to the Liga and the Supercopa.

Endesa has also been a partner of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) and the Spanish National Basketball team since 2012 and since then the company has actively collaborated with various projects, in particular, the World Cup 2014 held in Spain. 

This agreement was renewed in 2015 in addition to the Universo Mujer programme, which promotes women’s basketball in Spain. In 2017, the Liga Femenina (Women’s League) playoffs were also called Endesa. 

A few months ago, Endesa announced its sponsorship of the Euroliga for the next three years, in the games held in Spain, thus establishing the power company as the leading sponsor of Spanish basketball. 

And the company is also committed to promoting grassroots basketball to support the younger enthusiasts, as shown with the involvement in youth and children's tournaments such as the Minicopa Endesa or the Campeonato Endesa de Clubes.  

With the aim of entertaining, informing and creating a community among basketball enthusiasts, Endesa has launched initiatives such as "Colgados del aro”, a generator of contents related to basketball, aimed at all enthusiasts and which is published on the YouTube Experience Endesa TV channel, presented by Juan Manuel López Iturriaga and Antonio Daimiel.