The Endesa Foundation rewards the innovation and entrepreneurship of three schools in the Community of Madrid

Published on Tuesday, 20 June 2017

For the second year running, the Endesa Foundation held the RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa Festival at its headquarters; a meeting bringing together over 700 students from 51 schools in Madrid, to take part in the RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa; a technological training project focusing on the transformation and innovation of education at all levels, for both students and teachers.

This time, the Festival’s 3 awards, the Endesa Foundation Award, the Endesa Employee Award and the Redes Award, went to integrated applications with social-charitable robots, the protection of the environment and educational robots, respectively. The Endesa Foundation Award, chosen by a jury, went to the ION project, made up of four students from the European School in Madrid. The chairman of the company and the Endesa Foundation, Borja Prado, presented the awards to the students, highlighting their hard work, dedication and great creativity.

The ION is a charitable project, carried out in collaboration with the Carpio Perez Foundation in the Eretore school, aimed at providing light and electricity. Thanks to this app, the direction of windmills can be controlled and managed more efficiently for a village in Tanzania.

In turn, the Redes Award went to the project that received the most votes on the RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa website, the “El Conde Orgaz del futuro” APP, from the Conde Orgaz Institute, which is designed to optimise the process of obtaining solar energy with a solar concentration system designed by the school. And the Endesa Employee Award, chosen by the company’s employees during the festival, went to the Santa Francisca Javier Cabrini school.

This educational project called “Mobile mechanism laboratory”, provides an interactive method for learning how mechanisms work.

From 9 am, over 700 students from 51 schools in Madrid poured into Endesa’s main offices, which were converted into a meeting place for the young stars of the future, where students from private, public and state-subsidised private schools presented their brilliant ideas converted into technological products. The RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa Festival is a meeting point for young students with the same interests; a chance to present their projects to the hundreds of guests that attended the festival.

With this educational project, the Endesa Foundation wants to promote technical knowledge and also contribute to the development of skills in such high demand today, such as teamwork, communication, etc. The meeting without doubt highlighted the Endesa’s Foundation’s commitment to technological innovation in schools.

The RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa, which was launched in December in collaboration with the Community of Madrid with the aim of reaching the highest number of beneficiaries, challenged all the secondary schools in Madrid to design their own integrated robotic applications to provide solutions for social problems and improve the quality of life of society in some way.

This year 126 schools registered to take part in the RetoTech_Fundación_Endesa, 51 were selected. In total 1,500 students and 150 teachers benefited from this educational project. The Endesa Foundation, as part of its commitment to promote educational innovation, provided the schools with robotics kits and 3D printers.

This project enabled the scientific-technological side of each school to be explored and enabled teachers to identify the most creative and ingenious skills of the students, while they also discovered, without even noticing, what it is like to work as a team, learn, oversee a project, manage time and make decisions.

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About the Endesa Foundation

The Endesa Foundation, chaired by Borja Prado, has a clear commitment to social development through its educational projects, training for employment, a commitment to the environment and cultural initiatives.

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