The 1st Edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles comes to an end in Madrid

Published on Sunday, 11 June 2017

The 1st Edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles has come to an end. After 14 stages, around 2,000 emission-free kilometres and 200 Kg of CO2 prevented from entering into the atmosphere, today saw the last stage of the tour, covering around 14 km, which separate Endesa’s headquarters in Madrid from the Paseo del Prado in the capital. 

The 6 cars used in the Tour (BMW, Nissan, Kia, Renault, smart and Volkswagen) headed in procession, driven by Endesa’s employees, to the destination point, as has been the case in each stage. 

At the final point, located between Plaza de Neptuno and Atocha, employees, monologists taking part in the project, the vehicle manufacturers and the authorities gathered on the Paseo del Prado, closed to traffic on Sundays, to enjoy and learn about electric mobility in a fun manner, where there was a dancefloor that generates energy; people could feel what it is really like to drive one of these vehicles with virtual reality headsets that simulate a circuit; or play the electric game par excellence, the famous Scalextrix. There was also an area to exhibit the vehicles so people could get a good look at them and even test drive one of them if they wanted to. 

Endesa’s CEO, José Bogas and the City Hall general coordinator, Luis Cueto, didn’t want to miss this last event held in the capital and they were responsible for presenting the employees from Endesa that took part as drivers, with a memento of appreciation for their participation in the project.

The “Tour of Spain in electric vehicles”

The 1st Edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles is organised by Endesa with the collaboration of six leading vehicle manufacturers, BMW, Nissan, Kia, Renault, smart and Volkswagen. The aim is for it to become the leading electric mobility celebration in Spain; the most important event of the year for those interested in electric mobility, the believers and the sceptics too and, above all, in the great Spanish meeting for those who are committed to eliminating emissions from our roads with kilowatts and sustainable driving. 

The tour began on the 24th May in As Pontes and consisted of 14 stages, covering approximately 2,000 kilometres through 19 Spanish provinces, in mainland Spain and on the islands. The driver of the Tour’s official car was an employee from Endesa accompanied by a very special co-pilot (a famous monologist) to promote sustainable mobility in a friendly and fun manner with a touch of humour. Endesa chose the best ambassadors as the drivers for this First Tour of Spain in electric vehicles: its own employees, who have voluntarily taken part in the first editions of the company’s Mobility Plan and already drive with zero emissions. 

As the official car for each stage had cameras installed inside, we were able to capture the drivers' sensations and their interaction with the guest and these experiences were shared after each stage on the tour’s official website ( and on social media. It includes employee selection videos, a programme of all the events, stage schedules, interactive maps with information about the kilometres covered, emissions saved, etc. 

Electric Mobility Plan for employees

The Electric Mobility Plan for Employees is one of the company’s main projects within the Sustainable Mobility Plan, which means it can try out a business model with a wide base of customers that can be exported to other companies and encourage employees to join this new energy culture so they become a reference in other cities.

Launched in 2015, the 3rd edition began just over a month ago, with the aim of another 250 employees from the company acquiring electric vehicles for personal use. Until now and during the first two editions, 274 employees have joined the initiative and drive private vehicles with zero emissions. Therefore, 7 out of 100 electric vehicles sold in Spain during this period, are driven by Endesa’s employees. In total, these vehicles have covered over 3 million kilometres, preventing the recurring annual emission into the atmosphere of over 600 tonnes of CO2 . The success of the project proves that society is prepared to commit to this new energy model if the appropriate conditions are generated. 

The sustainable mobility plan includes agreements with various electric vehicle manufacturers, including those that accompanied us during this 1st Edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles and the second year was even more ambitious, focusing only on pure electric vehicles. The company provides facilities for the installation of domestic charging points and gives preference to electric vehicles in the carparks at its corporate offices. Participants can once again take advantage of one of Endesa’s incentives by collaborating in the plan and will also still have the support of the project’s office created last year to attend to all the requests. 

The plan also includes the installation of charging infrastructures in the company's main offices for use by employees. Specifically, 22 semi-fast charging points so, if needed, vehicles can be charged during working hours. In addition, the headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville have fast charging points, which charge 80% of the battery in less than 20 minutes.