The Women's National Basketball Team’s latest challenge kicks off

Published on Friday, 12 May 2017

Lucas Mondelo and the 16 preselected players that will begin their training schedule on Sunday at the rally in San Fernando (Cadiz), all appeared on stage, except for Sancho Lyttle, who will join the team at the rally.

The event was inaugurated by Endesa’s chairman, Borja Prado, who wanted to point "how extremely proud Endesa is to be able to form part of basketball. We made this decision eight years ago and it has provided so much for us as a company, introducing us to the values of basketball. We want to continue with this commitment, which is why we are here today with this exceptional team with its impressive track record and we hope to give the entire team that extra impetus in their preparation for the EuroBasket”.

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, commented “we have so many reasons to be proud of this team, which Lucas Mondelo knows how to manage so well, tapping into all their values. We are second in the world ranking; a position that Spanish basketball truly deserves. There are two sides to the FEB’s stance: it wants to see the Ligas (Leagues) grow and the 2018 World Cup, which we hope will be the reference point that truly boosts women’s basketball.”

The players and the trainer all appeared on stage in reverse order of their number of international games played. While the Auditorium screens displayed their sporting achievements and images of their success with the National Team, the players received a warm welcome from those attending the event and answered questions put forward by the presenter and by Endesa’s employees that took part in the event and the ex-international player Carolina Múgica from the stalls and those asked by Juanma Iturriaga and Antoni Daimiel from the Colgados del Aro set.

The captain, Laia Palau, stated that “it is in the national team that we really feel at home. In all modesty, we are aiming for the top. I hope you will follow us and we can give you reason to celebrate”. The trainer, Lucas Mondelo, stated "we begin every year from scratch. We are not just a squadron, we are a team and we are making our achievements seem easy. But always with humility and with absolute respect for our rivals.”  Lastly, Alba Torrens said “we are as excited as ever; as excited as our first year as a national team. The aim is to give our all and then to dream”.

To top it all off, the president of the Spanish National Sports Council, José Ramón Lete, stated that “being in politics today is not an easy task, but events like these and sharing a few minutes with a top class team like this women's national basketball team that brought us so much joy in the Rio Olympic Games, make it all worthwhile. I will never forget how they scored that last basket to go through to the semis or that silver medal they won, so memorable for sports in general and for basketball".


Each time Endesa welcomes the top representatives of basketball, it highlights the company's commitment to this sport in general and to female talent in particular. The excellent performance of our teams in different national and international competitions, confirms that there is keen interest, up-and-coming players, present and future... and Endesa wants to continue to contribute and be a part of the indisputable success of Spanish basketball.

This sport represents teamwork, intelligence, self-improvement and sportsmanship; attributes with which the companies identifies. Endesa’s commitment to basketball has enabled the company to become one of the most important sponsors of sporting events in Spain. A commitment that led Endesa to become a partner of the FEB and the Spanish National Basketball Team in 2012, establishing a relationship that has continued to grow: the 2014 World Cup, activities from the Universo Mujer programme promoting women's national basketball, the Mini Endesa 2017 competition and the Liga Femenina play offs.