Today sees the start of the first tour of Spain in electric vehicles

Published on Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The 1st Edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles kicked off today, organised by Endesa with the collaboration of six important vehicle manufacturers (BMW, Nissan, Kia, Renault, Smart and Volkswagen) and which aims to become the leading electric mobility celebration in Spain and the most important event of the year for those interested in electric mobility; the believers and the sceptics too, and, above all, the great Spanish meeting for those committed to eliminating emissions from our roads with kilowatts and sustainable driving.

The start of the “Tour” took place in an emblematic site for Endesa, the town of As Pontes, which has seen one of the most important environmental restoration projects in Spain; the restoration of the mine’s old tip into one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. From here and accompanied by the town Mayor, Valentín González Formoso, the zero-emission journey to Lugo began.

Endesa has chosen the best ambassadors for this First Tour of Spain in electric vehicles: its employees. They have another 13 stages ahead of them until 11 June, covering around 2,000 kilometres across Spain and travelling through 19 Spanish provinces in mainland Spain and the islands. But they will not be alone. The Tour's official car will carry a very special co-pilot for each stage, to help promote sustainable mobility in a friendly and fun manner with a touch of humour.

Endesa has the support of six important manufacturers, who will join this adventure and provide their electric models for the employees throughout the tour: BMW, Nissan, Kia, Renault, Smart and Volkswagen. All of them are incorporating more efficient and eco-friendly vehicles into their range of products.

The cars will have cameras installed inside, which will capture the drivers' sensations and their interaction with the guest and these experiences will be converted into a series of videos after each stage, which will be broadcast on the official website and on social media.

A party, accessible to the general public, will also be held at the end of each stage in the most emblematic destination cities, so everyone can learn more about sustainable mobility. There will be events with activities for all ages, including performances by the monologists and people will be able to try the electric vehicles, along with plenty of other surprises.

The last stage of the Tour will be held on Sunday 11 June, on the Paseo del Prado in Madrid, which will be a very special and fun day for all. The Madrid City Council will close this central area to traffic on Sundays to make the capital a more sustainable city, with more pedestrian areas and cultural activities to enjoy. This is where the end of the tour party will be held, with all the vehicle brands present for everyone to enjoy, as the finishing touch to the first edition of this initiative.

The tour will have a website,, available from 22 May and providing full updated information every day. It will show employee selection videos, a programme of all the events, stage schedules, interactive maps with information about the kilometres covered, emissions saved, etc.