Endesa reaches the figure of 10 million smart meters installed

Published on Tuesday, 16 de May 2017

Endesa has reached the figure of 10 million smart meters installed, which accounts for 86% of the devices managed by the company. Between 2015 and 2018, Endesa will have invested the sum of 600 million euros in the development of remote management and upgrading the Spanish fleet of meters, which is a key aspect for the development of smart grids.

At the end of this year, Endesa will have practically completed the deployment of the smart meters for its customers with a contracted power equal to or below 15kW, i.e., 11.2 million homes which, pursuant to legislation, should all have new devices installed before the end of 2018. Only a small percentage will still need to be replaced due to incidents that require the collaboration of customers; mainly access problems or having to adjust or refurbish the installations. 

At the end of 2017, around one thousand workers in charge of the deployment, will have installed approximately two million devices, at a rate of around 8,000 meters per day.

In terms of Autonomous Communities, Endesa has already installed over 4.2 million smart meters in Andalusia and Extremadura, 3.4 million in Catalonia, 800,000 in Aragón, over 600,000 in the Balearic Islands and over one million in the Canary Islands.

Endesa’s remote management plan not only involves installing meters but also hubs in the substations. Today, practically all the meters installed by Endesa now have an associated hub. This enables the supplies and the operation thereof to be rapidly integrated from the system.

The benefits of smart meters include begin able to remotely change reseller company, modify contract characteristics, register or de-register within 24 hours, in most cases and reduce supply interruption times in the event of faults, as it enables the source thereof to be located more quickly.

Furthermore, with the implementation of the new hourly readings, bill estimates can be eliminated and customers now have new tools to improve their energy efficiency and detailed information about their consumption. Endesa manages over 240 million hourly data regarding consumption information for more than 10 million customers.

Via the website www.endesadistribucion.es, all Endesa customers with a smart meter can view their “hourly curve”. Customers can use this space to graphically view their energy consumption during a specific period, measured hourly and they can also download the information to a file. 

The implementation of these smart meters is also a huge step forward for Endesa in the fight against electricity fraud and improving the safety of installations, given that these devices are equipped with sophisticated anti-fraud mechanisms that help to identify possible manipulations via alarms and alerts that are recorded by the remote management system, which also sends an alert if an installation is at risk of being tampered with or any other neighbouring ones.