Endesa rewards sustainable and efficient companies in the 5th edition of “Impulsando Pymes 2017”

Published on Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Today the Madrid Press Association hosted the presentation of the 5th edition of the Impulsando Pymes conferences, a project developed by 22 major companies with the aim of providing strategies and advice for the 6,000+ Spanish small and medium-sized companies taking part in the project this year.

Endesa, as the only power company in the forum, will once again take part in the meeting to recognise the initiatives implemented by SMEs in optimising their energy performance and production, by presenting the Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Award. Endesa created this award taking into account that in Spain there are over 1.2 million SMEs that are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of being more efficient. 

A study conducted by Endesa gathering data from over 1,000 SMEs across Spain revealed significant details for the sector. 82% of the companies analysed identified immediate savings by adjusting their power, with 60% of them saving between 500 and 2,000 euros per year.

According to the study conducted by Endesa, collecting information from SMEs that carried out an energy diagnosis in 2015, 43% of the companies analysed have the potential to save more than 10% of their energy consumption and 23% if energy efficiency measures were implemented. This is why Endesa created the Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Award, with the aim of recognising the work put in by different companies across to improve their business activity and also contribute towards protecting the environment given that, by implementing improvement measures in tertiary sectors, each company would prevent the emission of 5.78 tonnes of CO2, 5.46 tonnes in the industrial sector, 3.11 tonnes in the residential and hotel and catering industry and 2.73 tonnes of CO2 in the agricultural sector.

After the presentation in Madrid, Impulsando Pymes will hold its first meeting on 8 March in Bilbao, then Seville (22 March) and Badajoz (5 April). The roadshow will move to Tenerife on 10 May and Zaragoza on the 24 May, to then move to Logroño (7) and Valencia (21). It will move to Valladolid on 5 July and after the summer it will visit Girona and Granada on 4 and 25 October respectively. The last sessions will be held on 8 and 29 November in Alicante and Madrid, respectively.