Endesa brings spanish stages to the general public via entradas ymás

Published on Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Endesa brings its agreement with Entradas Ymás, the company made up of seventy people in show business, to the general public. What began as a special offer for Endesa’s employees is, as of today, available to spectators that want to get more for their tickets. 

Entradas Ymás was created 3 years ago by 70 musicians, scriptwriters, actors, directors, producers and theatre actors, with the idea of creating a web of cultural proposals, offering more than just buying a ticket at the best price: the "ymás" (and more).  From day one, the “ymás” was a resounding success and helped us see that people wanted to live unforgettable adventures, form part of the world of culture, take part in the creation of the arts, discover the ins and outs of filming, see premieres …etc.

“Ymás” is a new way of getting the general public involved in the best cultural experiences. Offering them the opportunity of attending premiers, previews, general rehearsals, filming… being able to visit dressing rooms, stages, backstage… getting to meet the actors, directors, musicians, writers, scriptwriters… and chatting to them to find out more about how film, theatre, music or literature are created… Spectators want more and we are meeting these demands. The involvement of actors, directors, producers, musicians, etc. in this challenge, is making this possible.

“The collaboration with Endesa came about as a result of the company’s extensive involvement in the world of culture; Endesa discovered our “ymás” and we created a programme for the company’s employees so they could enjoy our premieres. It was so successful that the company went one step further and decided to use their “energy” to bring culture to the general public in a different way, making them part of the experience and what better way to do so than with “ymás”, commented Coté Soler, CEO of entradasymás.

Endesa, as part of its continuous development, is presenting the electric power and corporate market with an open proposal that is summarised in the term: `open power´. This expression refers to an idea that is simple to explain but very complex to develop and implement in an organic and global manner. Endesa is opening up to the world and it is doing so in the field of culture as well. Culture, a vast and necessary concept, must be transformed towards that open concept that impregnates everything. Culture without barriers to use and share the advantages of all that makes us better people.

The following help to disseminate “ymás”: Madrid Metro, Alsa, Cines Dreams, Cine Sur, Galicine, Lys Cines, Palacio de la Prensa, Teatro Lara, Teatro Maravillas, Grupo Smedia, Teatro Amaya… Entradas Ymás also works with Warner, Universal, A3Media, Telecinco, National Orchestra and the National Dance Company.