Endesa and Ascer renew their cooperation agreement for the improvement of energy efficiency in the ceramics sector

Published on Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Endesa and ASCER (the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association) have today renewed the cooperation agreement between the two bodies for the 2017-2018 period, with the aim of continuing to improve energy efficiency in the ceramics sector.

The agreement, signed by the chairman of ASCER, Isidro Zarzoso, and the large accounts manager at Endesa, Juanjo Muñoz, is aimed at the development of tools to enable companies of the ceramics sector to reduce their energy costs, to improve their energy efficiency and thus to enhance their competitiveness and sustainability.

Endesa and ASCER have been cooperating since 2006, with specific solutions for the sector which the energy company has set in motion for Spanish manufacturers of ceramic wall and floor tiles. Thanks to these energy efficiency solutions, over the last two years, the companies belonging to ASCER have achieved savings of 4 million euros, reducing their power consumption by 150 GWh.

The ceramics sector is highly intensive as regards power consumption (mainly natural gas); this represents over 30% of the companies’ production costs. Consequently, the search for energy efficiency solutions is a critical issue for the companies belonging to ASCER.

A reduction in consumption likewise translates into a reduction in pollutant emissions. According to the data collected by Endesa during the two years of effect of the agreement, the companies that have applied these heat recovery systems have achieved a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The agreement also includes sponsorship by Endesa of the 15th edition of the Ceramics Awards for Architecture and Interior Design, organised by ASCER, and which was granted recently. The object of this award is to disseminate the use of Spanish ceramics in works of architecture and interior design, both in Spain and abroad. The presentation ceremony of the award will be held on 21st February 2017 within the framework of the CEVISAMA fair.

ASCER represents over 95% of Spanish ceramic production. The Spanish ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturing sector, which is Europe’s largest producer and the second largest exporter worldwide by volume, directly employs over 14,000 workers and generates indirect employment for another 5,000.