Endesa launches its new, more accessible and user-centric website

Published on Thursday, 17 November 2016

Listening to the opinions, requirements and perceptions of Endesa’s corporate website users and using these to build a more accessible and efficient online platform. With this premise, a few months ago a multidisciplinary team in Spain began working on the new www.endesa.com website which is presented here today. Interviews were conducted with employees, investors, analysts, journalists, customers, non-customers, and the like to find out based on their experience of using the corporate website over several years which areas needed to be improved, maintained or given greater visibility, etc. All this work has been coordinated with the Enel group that launched its new website a year ago and which has been used as the basis for the design and architecture of the website presented by Endesa today.

Using this information, a web architecture has been developed, which has changed the way in which the company’s most significant information is presented, offering a more collaborative style, in line with the Enel group's 'open power' philosophy, which is direct and focuses on stories in which Endesa is the protagonist or stories that it has directed or collaborated with. Stories that focus on people whose lives have improved or who, through their everyday work, have helped improve the environment in which they work. 

Endesa’s website is not only the company’s online business card, it is also the vehicle used by key audiences that the company wants to serve and with whom it wants to establish open and effective communication. It is a way of attracting talent, convincing analysts, providing journalists and experts with relevant information, responding to public opinion and, in particular, sharing stories that make a difference. 

www.endesa.com opens a number of doors depending on the specific interests of each user and enables users to view content quickly and access and use texts, videos, photographs, infographics, links, email addresses and telephone numbers to answer queries and provide further information.