Endesa launches its first advertising campaign in Portugal

Published on Monday, 24 October 2016

Endesa has launched its first advertising campaign in Portugal, underlining its position as the country’s alternative energy company. With its message, “the clear alternative”, Endesa has expressed its intention to provide clarity and transparency and to present its services, highlighting how simple it is to change energy companies free of charge in the deregulated energy market.

Endesa presented its new Anniversary Tariff in the Portuguese market, through which the company is giving its customers one free payment of an electricity and/or gas bill, indefinitely, for each completed year of contract, including taxes and the broadcasting contribution tax applied to the bill in Portugal. The rest of the months the price will be the same as customers are paying in the Regulated Market, but not index-linked, as ERSE (the energy services regulatory authority in Portugal) does not allow this. Endesa’s Anniversary Tariff is a tariff for life, so long as customers remain on it .

“Through this campaign, Endesa wants to let everyone know that all the households and businesses in Portugal can choose their energy company and that Endesa, given the company’s experience in the Portuguese residential and industrial gas segment and in the industrial electricity segment, is a leading player in this market. We want to make life easy for customers, with clear bills, user-friendly products and accessible customer service channels, available online, over the phone or through its offices", Javier Uriarte, General Marketing Manager at Endesa, explained.

The advertising campaign launched by Endesa involved around one hundred Portuguese employees and it was filmed over a period of 3 days in Lisbon, with state-of-the-art drones, involving 40 days of production. The campaign will be broadcast on all media channels, from traditional TV adverts, radio, print and online channels.

Endesa currently has 160,000 customers in the Portuguese electricity market and the company has been selling gas to domestic consumers since last year. Entering this sector is endorsed by the company’s presence in the Portuguese industrial gas market, in which it has been supplying gas to industrial customers since 2010, with a market share of 9%.

The company is currently the third operator in the Portuguese deregulated electricity market, with a market share by consumption of almost 16.5%. In addition, Endesa Portugal manages all its systems and operations from within Portugal, direct and indirectly generating over 1,000 jobs.