Endesa listens to young students’ ideas about the future of energy in the second edition of the “las ideas se mueven” (Ideas on the Move) competition

Published on Monday, 12 September 2016

Are you a university student and do you have an idea that keeps you awake at night? Endesa and the University Enterprise Foundation would like to hear about your idea and they have launched the second edition of “Las Ideas se Mueven”, dedicated to energy innovation. The aim is to promote the generation of ideas related to electricity that are compatible with some of the company’s challenges and commitments. Ideas submitted should therefore be related to innovation, energy efficiency, the electrification of demand, protection of the environment and the surroundings, customer service excellence, or the quality of energy services. And you have until the 14 November to submit your ideas via the www.lasideassemueven.com website.

The second edition of the competition will be aimed at students up to the age of 27 enrolled at any of the universities or vocational training centres in the Community of Madrid (see competition terms and conditions). Last year the competition was held in Catalonia.

Once the period for submitting ideas closes, a jury will select the three finalist projects. Students will have the chance to explain their proposals in a debate with experts on the subject, whose collaboration will enhance the initiative. These meetings will take place inside an electric vehicle called the Endesa Van. Finally, the jury will announce their decision in November. Prizes will be awarded at Endesa's offices in Madrid.

The winner will receive 3,000 euros and a scholarship for the FUE vocational preparation programme BRIDGE, with academic training and paid work practice at Endesa. Furthermore, the runner-up will receive 1,500 euros and the third prize will be 1,000 euros. A recognition prize will also be awarded to the centre with the highest number of participating students.   

Employer branding

The competition “Las Ideas se Mueven” forms part of the set of initiatives carried out by Endesa with the aim of attracting and retaining young talent, Employer Branding initiatives to position the company as a desirable place to work in all the markets in which it operates, focusing on the most sought after profiles. In 2015, the company took part in a number of physical and virtual job fairs, holding workshops and helping to improve the employability of young people. Innovative events have been held, aimed at attracting talent and the company has updated its website targeting potential candidates, while the Scholarship Plan has been reinforced to improve its competitiveness.

Endesa is therefore continuing with its commitment to developing young talent and introducing them to the labour market and improving their employability. The Scholarship Plan for 2015 initially reached 120 young people and it was later extended halfway through the year to 25 more, reaching a total of 145. The company plans to take on 167 students in 2016. The scholarships tend to be for a year and they are associated with a training programme that consists of technical training and skills development. In previous years, around 20% of participants were hired, and this year we hope to increase this figure as our planning has focused more on future vacancies that may arise. The most sought-after profiles for scholarships are industrial engineers and for scientific profiles in general (mathematicians, statisticians, etc.) and for non-technical business administration and management profiles, economics and law.