Endesa employees with electric vehicles travel round earth 47 times in their vehicles

Published on Thursday, 22 September 2016

Endesa’s 243 employees purchasing a private electric vehicle through the company’s Electric Mobility Plan have covered approximately 2 million kilometres in one year, which is equivalent to travelling around the earth 47 times. This has prevented over 260 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere; equivalent to that emitted to cover the energy consumption of over 300 homes throughout an entire year. 

Endesa firmly believes that electric mobility is one of the key aspects of the change towards a more sustainable energy model and it wants its employees to take part in this change and to become ambassadors of it. 

One of the aims of this plan is to gradually eliminate the barriers to entry that consumers face with regard to any new technologies and which, in the specific case of electric vehicles, are related to battery autonomy, charging infrastructure and the actual price of the vehicle. The company has drawn up a value proposal for its employees that helps to overcome each of these. 

For example; agreements have been reached with manufacturers to offer tempting sales offers, while home charging points have been installed. The plan also includes the installation of charging points at the company's main offices for use by employees; specifically, 22 semi-fast charging points so that, if needed, vehicles can be charged during working hours. In addition, the headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville have fast charging points, which charge 80% of the battery in less than 20 minutes. 

Another key element of the success of the electric mobility plan has been to offer the possibility of parking in the company's head offices, wherever possible. An exclusive car park has recently been opened at the Madrid head offices for employees' electric vehicles, where they can use the conventional charging system. 

An electrified fleet

As part of this strategy, Endesa plans to increase the electrification of its operating fleet and its fleet of company cars for senior executives. 

Endesa aims to electrify 80% of its operating fleet by 2020, which means, together with the mobility plan for employees, the company could reach the figure of 3,000 electric vehicles in the company.

Since 2010, as part of its fleet renewal plan, Endesa has replaced over 30% of its short-haul fuel vehicles with electric and hybrid vehicles. The company has multiplied the number of pure electric vehicles in the fleet fourfold over the last six years and plans to incorporate another 32 from now to the end of the year, which means it will end the year with 86 pure electric vehicles. 

Since 2008, Endesa has also boasted the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in Spain for its sales network: 420. With this initiative alone, the company has managed to prevent the emission into the atmosphere of the equivalent absorption capacity of 28,800 trees. Each vehicle of these characteristics emits one tonne of CO2 less a year than a vehicle with a diesel engine. 

Furthermore, the company has launched a new plan to electrify the fleet of company cars of its senior executives, with the aim of four in 10 vehicles in this segment being hybrid or 100% electric in four years’ time (13% of the total fleet, made up of around 340 cars).