Fifth Endesa league campus tips off, to install values of basketball among the young

Published on Monday, 29 August 2016

The Fifth Endesa League Campus tipped off yesterday in Madrid, with a new edition aimed at instilling the values of basketball among 100 children between the ages of 10 and 15. These young people are the children of employees of Endesa, the ACB’s Principal Sponsor.

Following the success of the first four editions, Endesa and the ACB have agreed to once again run a special summer Campus in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), with basketball as its heart.

The boys and girls taking part, the sons and daughters of Endesa employees, will be given board and lodging between 28 August and 3 September at a campus oriented toward sport and fun.

During their stay, they will enjoy the swimming pool, canoeing, paintball, the rock-climbing wall, excursions to places such as Aquópolis and basketball, lots of it. The boys and girls will play their favourite sport for three hours a day, with an outstanding group of top experts. Coaches who are members of the backroom staff of teams in the Endesa League will be on hand through the week to teach the youngest.

All in all, there will be 10 coaches taking part in the campus, under the supervision of Paco Torres, journalist and nationally qualified coach. There will be no lack of qualified personnel, such as a fitness trainer, physiotherapists and physicians available 24 hours a day, to guarantee the fitness and safety of participants. The Fifth Endesa League Campus will also have 10 monitors during free time.

And as if this were not enough, during their stay the children will be visited by professional players from the Endesa League, who will delight basketball lovers next week. They will teach throwing techniques, offer tactics and give advice so that the children, as well as enjoying themselves, can learn from their heroes. And take a photo or an autograph home with them… why not?

The campus commenced with a meeting in the Auditorium of Endesa’s headquarters in Madrid to explain how it would run and show a video of the previous editions. Alberto Fernández Torres, Endesa’s Director-General of Communication, also welcomed the participants and outlined the reasons and commitments which have linked Endesa to basketball for years.

Next Saturday, 3 September, the Endesa League Campus will draw to a close with a match between a team of parents of the boys and girls at the campus against their coaches. Diplomas will be handed out and each child will take home a gift in the form of a certificate and a ball, as a memento of an unforgettable week.