Endesa launches customer service channel for disabled people

Published on Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Endesa has become the first company in the energy sector to launch a customer service channel for people with hearing and/or speech impairments, which allows customers to submit any enquiries about their bill or contract, or receive personalized information. According to information from the Spanish National Statistics Institute, there are close to one million people with speech impairments in Spain.

The company’s next objective is to subtitle adverts in order that everyone has access to information about the company.

Users wanting to access this service need to download the Telesor app or access Endesa through the website: www.telesor.es to be able to perform procedures without other people having to act as intermediaries. This service is available from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday. Outside these hours, users can leave a message for the company to contact them the following day, free of charge.

Telesor is a service which aims to make customer service telephone services accessible for deaf people and people with speech problems. Communication is carried out by text, in real time and without intermediaries. Telesor collaborates with the Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf People, made up of 46 entities which form the largest platform representing this group in Spain. The main advantage of Telesor with respect to other chat services is that users have a contact list of all the organisations offering the service, of which Endesa is the only energy company.

Endesa customer service channels

Following this access-for-all policy, Endesa has rolled out a wide range of customer service channels to facilitate customers’ and non-customers’ access to information. In addition to the traditional channels, such as the free hotline 800 760 333, which handled 16 million calls in 2015, Endesa has overhauled its customer website: www.endesaclientes.com and launched an EndesaClientes app, as well as boosting its activity on social networks.

On the endesaclientes website, users can make all kinds of consultations, access their bill history, resolve any doubts or even instantly change personal and contract details. Endesa’s customer website receives an average of more than one million visits a month, and can be used to access the channels open by the company on social networks.

In this regard, Endesa has just opened a customer service channel via WhatsApp, becoming the first energy company to have this service. Through Endesa’s WhatsApp, accessed with number 638860649, you can find out the amount of your bills, or receive product advice and information. In the first two months of operation, after its launch in May, Endesa has had more than 1,000 chats, 50% of them related to billing and contracts.

Endesa has also had a twitter profile since 2012: @endesaclientes. Since it came into use, this channel has dealt with over 1,000 cases a month, and has more than 15,000 followers.

In addition to WhatsApp and Twitter, Endesa has a Facebook profile with more than 20,000 followers. From this coming September, this profile will not just be used to receive advice and resolve any queries, but will also enable customers to consult their bills and make payments.