Ministry of Education and Endesa Foundation announce call for applications for Prince de Asturias Professorship at Georgetown University

Published on Monday, 18 July 2016

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in collaboration with the Endesa Foundation, Georgetown University and the Spanish embassy in the United States, have announced the call for applications for the Prince of Asturias Professorship at Georgetown University. The Professorship is aimed at well-renowned professors and specialists with ample teaching and research experience in Spanish universities. Candidates must belong to the fields of Political Science and related fields (such as Administrative Science, Public Policy and International Relations), as well as History, Economics, Sociology and Humanities or related areas of knowledge that form part of the American university’s catalogue of academic subjects. This invitation forms part of the agreement signed in 1999 by the Ministry of Education, Georgetown University, the Spanish Embassy in the United States and the Endesa Foundation.

The aim of the Professorship is to provide a better and more complete understanding in the United States of the current reality of Spain. The selected candidate shall be responsible for fulfilling this remit over the two-year period in which they will stay in the United States, which may be extended to a maximum of four. 

The selection committee is made up of university deans, professors, representatives of the Endesa Foundation and experts in the field of education. This committee will put forward six candidates and Georgetown University will then choose the person to occupy the Professorship. The successful candidate will form part of the prestigious BMW Center for German and European Studies, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


Pursuant to the application requirements (available at or, interested parties may submit their applications in Spanish and in English together with their resume, which shall include their academic and research achievements, along with any publications deemed relevant. They must be sent exclusively in PDF format. Applications shall also include information concerning the applicants’ availability in terms of fulfilling the position for one or two more academic years.

The period for receiving applications is from 12 September to 3 October 2016, both inclusive, and no further candidacies will be accepted after this deadline. Applications must be sent to the following address and applicants will receive confirmation of their submissions.