Endesa reaches figure of 8 million smart meters installed and will end year with 9.2 million

Published on Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Endesa has now installed over 8 million smart meters, which accounts for 69% of its current stock of 11.6 million devices, and the company is at the forefront of the process for changing meters in Spain. Endesa has speeded up the replacement plan, with one thousand operators working every day to end the year with nearly 9.2 million remotely managed meters installed, which represents 80% of the total stock and will exceed the 70% figure established in legislation for the end of 2016. Over the next six months, the company will maintain this rate with approximately 7,200 new devices installed every day.

Endesa has already installed over 3.42 million smart meters in Andalusia and Extremadura, 2.68 million in Catalonia, 616,000 in Aragón, over 477,000 in the Balearic Islands and approximately 813,000 in the Canary Islands, the autonomous communities in which it operates as a distribution company.

The smart meters developed by the company in Spain using technology rolled out by its parent company, Enel, enable supply-side operations to be carried out, such as switching suppliers, changing contracts, and remotely registering and deregistering customers, all within 24 hours in most cases. 

Furthermore, hourly readings mean that bills no longer need to be estimated, and customers now have new tools to improve their energy efficiency and detailed information about their consumption. Today, Endesa manages hourly consumption information via its systems on a daily basis for over 7.5 million customers, which involves processing over 180 million hourly readings per day.

All customers with remote meters can view their “energy usage curve” on the www.endesadistribucion.es website. Customers can use this space to check their energy consumption as a graph during a specific period, measured hourly, and they can also download the information to a file. 

The roll-out of these smart meters is also a huge step forward for Endesa in the fight against electricity fraud, given that these devices are equipped with sophisticated anti-fraud mechanisms that help to identify possible manipulations via alarms and events that are recorded by the remote management system.