Endesa obtains multi-site environmental certification for its 152 power generation plants

Published on Thursday, 21 July 2016

  • Multi-site environmental certification granted by AENOR enables processes to be standardised, thus ensuring all Endesa's plants follow same procedures, streamlining systems and cutting costs.
  • New recognition applies to Endesa's entire fleet, which comprises 152 plants with various types of technologies (125 hydroelectric plants, six combined-cycle plants, five coal-fired thermal plants and 16 fuel oil and gas thermal plants) with a total installed capacity of 17,751 MW in Spain.


Endesa has obtained the multi-site environmental certification in a record time of 14 months for the entire fleet of power plants in Spain. The certification was granted by AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification, a company specialising in standardisation and certification for all industrial and service sectors. 

This is a single certificate for all of the company’s generation facilities, which enables operating processes and systems to be homogenised, thus fostering synergies between the various facilities. 

During this period, the existing ISO 14.001 environmental certifications in each of the 152 production centres have been adapted under the same measurement parameters. Among a whole host of advantages, this new recognition enables an objective analysis to be performed of all Endesa's production centres, regardless of the type of technology used in each plant, which provides an overview of Endesa's generation system. It also enables procedures to be streamlined considerably with the subsequent cost reduction.

Specifically, there are 125 hydroelectric plants distributed between the Ebro-Pyrenees (55 plants), Northeast (15 plants) and South (55 plants) production units, with an installed capacity of 4,721 MW; six combined-cycle plants with an installed capacity of 5,445 MW (plus two power units in the Barranco and Granadilla plants); five coal-fired thermal plants and 16 fuel oil and gas thermal plants with 7,585 MW. In total, 17,751 MW of installed capacity in Endesa’s plants in Spain. 

The Multi-Site Environmental Certification is the first step in the company’s certification policy and strategy and it falls within the overall project to obtain the multi-site integrated certification (quality, environment and safety) for Endesa's entire fleet in Spain.

To date, AENOR has granted the following certifications for Endesa’s power generation assets: 

  • ISO 9001 for thermal energy generation at the Barranco de Tirajana, Jinamar, Granadilla and Candelaria plants.
  • ISO 9001 for management of solid fuel assets at the As Pontes, Teruel, Compostilla and Almería thermal plants.
  • ISO 9001 for air quality monitoring and control at the As Pontes thermal plant.
  • Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009 (EMAS Certificate) for power production at the As Pontes, Melilla, Barranco de Tirajana, Teruel, Compostilla, El Palmar, Jinamar, Ceuta, Granadilla, Llanos Blancos, Candelaria and Almería thermal plants and the combined-cycle plants of Besos, Colón, As Pontes and San Roque.




  • UPH Ebro Pirineos
  • UPH Noroeste
  • UPH Sur



  • CTCC Colón 
  • CTCC Besos 
  • CTCC San Roque 
  • CTCC As Pontes 
  • CTCC Ca´s Tresorer 
  • CTCC Son Reus 



  • UPT Alcudia 
  • UPT As Pontes 
  • UPT Compostilla 
  • UPT Litoral 
  • UPT Teruel 



  • CT Mahón
  • CT Ibiza
  • TG Formentera
  • CT El Palmar
  • CT Llanos Blancos
  • CT Jinámar
  • CT Barranco de Tirajana
  • CT Candelaria
  • CT Granadilla
  • CT Punta Grande
  • CT Las Salinas
  • CT Los Guinchos
  • CT Ceuta
  • CT Melilla
  • TG Guía de Isora


*NOTE: Plus two combined-cycle (CC) power units in the Barranco and Granadilla plants