Endesa Educa brings energy world closer to 605 schools and some 45,000 schoolchildren

Published on Friday, 29 July 2016

Do you know how electricity is generated at power plants? And at wind farms? Is the amount of water important for generating electricity at a dam? If there is more wind... will more electricity be obtained from the turbines?... These and many more questions about the world of energy were answered to nearly 45,000 schoolchildren this year thanks to the activities that Endesa Educa, Endesa's educational programme, carried out this academic year at 605 schools. 

Endesa Educa was created to meet the need to raise a new social awareness where energy saving and sustainability must be a priority. With that aim, it provides a number of free educational activities for schools in Spain and for the general public so that everybody knows about the world of energy in the broadest sense, from how to save energy at home to how power plants work, all in a very fun way. 

One of the most novel features this year was the "energy cards": a free card game that can be downloaded from Endesa Educa's website which kids can play to find out about the world of electricity generation.

Educational offering

Endesa Educa's offering aims to provide comprehensive teaching through different initiatives: online activities on the www.endesaeduca.com website; visits to facilities to gain an in-depth knowledge of the world of energy (wind farms, thermal power plants and control centres, among other facilities); activities at Endesa's information centres led by a teacher and tailored to the various education levels; and workshops at the schools themselves, where a teacher will give a class on electricity and electromagnetism based on experiments.

Although the main target audience is primary schoolchildren, participation has increased among secondary and higher secondary students. This was also the third year in which activities were run for pre-school children, who were shown the world of energy through puppet shows.


Participation by education level Attendance AS A%
Pre-school 452 1%
Primary 35,234 78%
Secondary and higher secondary 4,517 10%
Other 4,969 11%
Total 45,172 100%

Another highly successful initiative was Play Energy: a workshop by a teacher who visits schools taking all the materials needed to run a series of hands-on energy experiments with pupils, thus reinforcing the concepts learned in the classroom. This year, in its fourth edition in Spain, 356 schools requested 1,304 activities attended by 29,594 primary education pupils (from years 3 and 4).

Endesa Educa: energy education

Endesa's educational activities were pooled into Endesa Educa's teaching programme five years ago, although the teaching activities, which provide all schools across Spain with free activities, advice and resources related to energy education, began twelve years before.

Through Endesa Educa, Endesa fosters energy knowledge through education by providing all schools with teaching resources and activities free of charge. Its objective is to raise awareness about the value of energy to understand the need for efficient consumption. 

Endesa Educa's programme forms part of the extensive network of teaching initiatives which, under the international name of PlayEnergy, the Enel Group has carried out for 10 years in collaboration with schools in countries where it has a larger presence. PlayEnergy's initiatives provide schools with numerous tools providing a unique look at science which is also fun. Students and teachers have online and offline workshops, educational materials, lessons and experiments on science and energy, unusual facts about the world and classroom-based activities.

Groups interested in participating in any of the activities can book them by phoning 902-50-00-49 or sending an email to endesaeduca@enel.com