Endesa employees and integra foundation to help female victims of domestic violence find work

Published on Thursday, 2 June 2016

A new life is possible. This is the aim of the agreement signed by Endesa and the Integra Foundation for women who have suffered domestic violence. Endesa’s employees will voluntarily run workshops to help the women that have contacted the NGO in search of help to improve their chances of finding jobs. 

With this agreement, signed by Andrea Lo Faso, Endesa’s General Manager of Human Resources, the Integra Foundation General Manager, Ana Muñoz de Dios, Endesa will join the "INTEGRA Commitment", the network of companies and entities committed to socially responsible employment practices, which 40 other large companies have already joined.

The cornerstone of this project will be the involvement of Endesa’s volunteers and the aim is to develop a series of competencies over the six-month agreement period and to raise awareness about this social reality. Initially the agreement will begin in Seville, with the possibility of extending it to Barcelona and then to other cities in which Endesa is present.

The new volunteering project is just one of a whole host of initiatives offered by Endesa to its employees, who have shown an increasing interest in these types of initiatives: Over the last four years, more than 700 people working at Endesa in Spain have taken part in volunteer work projects organised by the company.

As Andrea Lo Faso said, Endesa sees this new collaboration with the Integra Foundation as a commitment to contribute towards the development of society and to enable the company’s employees to take part in volunteering initiatives to help others. Ana Muñoz de Dios thanked Endesa for the company’s commitment and highlighted how important it is for the women who have suffered domestic violence to receive the support of professionals such as the employees at Endesa, who spend time with them and share their experiences, helping them to regain their self-confidence and their abilities and give them the security they need to successfully and confidently go out and find a job and begin their new life.

Volunteer work and commitment

Endesa facilitates and supports corporate volunteer programmes for employees as part of its commitment to the development of the communities in which it operates, thus contributing to their social, environmental, educational and cultural development.

Endesa is a founding member of Voluntare, the first international initiative to promote corporate volunteering, made up of tertiary sector companies and entities. It is a meeting place for organisations interested in corporate volunteer work, where they can access information and value-added resources that facilitate and/or enhance their corporate programmes.

A number of new volunteering initiatives have been launched over the past year in Spain, including:

«Energy for the Future» Project. The aim of this initiative is to improve the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion in the energy sector via voluntary training programmes, in accordance with labour market requirements and closely related to the corporate world. This volunteering activity, launched in Tenerife, is designed to promote the development of the volunteers' competencies (innovation, teamwork, leadership or communication). 100 people have benefited from this initiative with the support of 21 volunteers from ENDESA.

Energy volunteer work. This is an energy-related social programme carried out by ENDESA together with ECODES (the Ecology and Development Foundation) aimed at energy-poor households and which operates on two levels. These families receive advice on how to cut their electricity bills and reduce their energy consumption, while potentially hazardous electrical installations are identified, which will subsequently be corrected by certified installers. ENDESA launched this programme in Zaragoza and continued with it in Barcelona, providing employees who voluntarily carried out this field work with 30 families and assumed the cost of the materials and the implementation of the programme. 27 employees in Barcelona took part in this initiative and 15 in Zaragoza.

Volunteer Work and Competencies. The volunteer work and competencies project is designed to highlight the development of professional skills and competencies gained during volunteer work. The studied competencies relate to the leadership model (teamwork, innovation and adaptation to change). A number of volunteer projects have been carried out this year to provide employment skills to inmates at prisons (Madrid and Barcelona), and to improve the organisation of NGOs (Seville, Zaragoza and Barcelona) helping to create more efficient processes. 385 people have benefited from this initiative with the support of 77 volunteers from ENDESA.

Coaching Project. The partnership on this protect with the Exit Foundation began in 2013. ENDESA has taken part in editions in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca and Seville. This volunteering initiative is designed to improve the employability skills of young people at risk of social exclusion, with a particular emphasis on self-esteem, motivation and career guidance, using coaching or mentoring techniques. It is a great experience for these youngsters to gain inside knowledge of the corporate world and this will encourage them to continue studying. 33 people have benefited from this initiative with the support of 37 volunteers from ENDESA.

Corporate Solidarity Day. As in previous years, ENDESA took part in the 9th edition of the Corporate Solidarity Day with the aim of contributing towards the development of the communities in which ENDESA operates. Volunteers from ENDESA have worked alongside volunteers from other companies in a number of activities since 2013. After the success of the previous editions in Zaragoza, Madrid and Seville, ENDESA has extended the activities of the Corporate Solidarity Day to Barcelona. 94 people have benefited from this initiative with the support of 32 volunteers from ENDESA. 

You get more out if you share your knowledge project. This programme offers employees the chance to contribute towards helping people actively looking for work to find their place in society and the job market. The skills, knowledge and experiences of ENDESA'S employees are showcased via a training programme in which the volunteers offer training and also receive training. This volunteer work, based on training, has been carried out through workshops on energy optimisation, customer service, English language skills, coaching and job interviews in Seville, Las Palmas, Madrid and Barcelona. This project is a wonderful opportunity to develop communication and teamwork skills. 219 people have benefited from this initiative with the support of 31 volunteers from ENDESA.

Food collection campaign. This campaign was launched in 2012 in different areas of Spain to help disadvantaged people by collecting non-perishable food and hygiene products, with the aim of donating them to entities such as the Food Bank, Caritas, Cooperación Internacional ONG and the Dar Foundation. During the 2015 Christmas campaign, 10,260 kg and 1,100 toys were collected for handing out through various NGOs.